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Media Mogul Ms.

Where Ms. Cheevious serves up a giant platter of sarcasm over her “creator’s” wish to dominate the world – or at least have her own YouTube channel.

Mammoth Mountain Moments & a Lesson in Branding

I’m pleased to present Episode 2 of Mammoth Mountain Moments. It’s a very clever foray into the world of the Ms. Cheevious brand… all under the guise of Apres Ski drinks, & revelry. And in the blink of an eye, you’ll be talking “Brand Equity” and “Funny Factor” in the same sentence, and still sound like an expert. Nice eh?

Mammoth Mountain Moments: My Plan for the Existence of Humanity

These are some profound thoughts, or “moments” I’m sharing with you people. It doesn’t get much better than this. Plus – the music is cool, once again. AND – I think you will AGREE that my plan for the existence of humanity is pretty cool… and ONE person who comes up with their own rendition of the “product” in question and posts in on my FACEBOOK page wins $25 bucks! YEEHAW!

Aloha National Chicken Month

In Celebration of National Chicken Month I am taking M.C. Nugget to Hawaii.  That’s right.  You heard it correctly. You see, we …

Such a Tease

Yes I am!  And PROUD OF IT!  Ha ha! I’m sorry! I’ve just not had a single chance to get the final …

Prequel to the EXTREME

Aren´t you incredibly PROUD of me? I am POSTING messages to you – my lovely people from COSTA RICA! WOW. I´m pretty …

Colorado Hiking Extreme II

Here is the next episode of Ms. Cheevious – and her adventures! Enjoy people! Post away! Subscribe away & comment to no …

I Heart Vegas… Mostly

Where Ms. Cheevious gives a play-by-play of the birthday celebration she threw for her man M.C. Nugget in Vegas. Good AND Bad. <3 Subscribe! & Like!

Beach Break with Ms. Cheevious!

Where Ms. Cheevious takes a break from her hectic schedule during Grammys, Oscars etc, to tell a joke at Big Dean’s near the Santa Monica Pier.

No News IS Good.

Where Ms. Cheevious has absolutely no news – and that is GOOD. Plus a list of things she is SO very grateful for… Read it people!

Capers of the Sherwood Kind

Where Ms. Cheevious a.k.a. Brat-Tay Sherwood and the other Sherwood Girls get unwittingly involved in another Caper. Too Much.


Where Ms. Cheevious rattles off the headlines (Jay Leno style) of her Superbowl trip to Miami.

I’m in Miami Bitch!

Don’t be Shy!  Leave a Reply! Before you get your panties in a bunch, just know I am quoting a very famous …

Enchanted Ms. Cheevious

My peeps and I stopped by some cool places on Saturday night in Albuquerque, New Mexico (of all places).  They call New Mexico the …