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Media Mogul Ms.

Where Ms. Cheevious serves up a giant platter of sarcasm over her “creator’s” wish to dominate the world – or at least have her own YouTube channel.

Ms. Cheevious #1

Where Ms. Cheevious starts a daily VLOG – this one about her Ms. Behaved day at the Los Angeles Mission. Yup. Videos. Comin’ atcha people. Enjoy.

Beach Break with Ms. Cheevious!

Where Ms. Cheevious takes a break from her hectic schedule during Grammys, Oscars etc, to tell a joke at Big Dean’s near the Santa Monica Pier.

Celebrities, Wine, Fashion, Police

Where Ms. Cheevious (aka “Lisette”) and her co-host William critique the fashion faux and naux pas for the Bel-Air Magazine NYE Party! Comment & win!

Release the Chihuahuas!

Don’t be Shy!  Leave a Reply! M.C. Nugget and I went to a dinner party in the Los Felis / Silverlake area …

Capers of the Sherwood Kind

Where Ms. Cheevious a.k.a. Brat-Tay Sherwood and the other Sherwood Girls get unwittingly involved in another Caper. Too Much.

Hot Bikini Chicks = Top Celebrities

Where Ms. Cheevious gives a review of (and her ideas on the success of) a Bikini clad event, which brought in some surprising a-list celebrities. Fun, fun.

On Getting Freebies

Where Ms. Cheevious gives everyone the inside scoop on how to get the most incredible free stuff. Woop woop!

Can-Do Attitude Baby!

Where Ms. Cheevious rubs shoulders with at least ONE Diva from her blog… Oh.My.God. But all for a worthy cause: Check it.


Where Ms. Cheevious rattles off the headlines (Jay Leno style) of her Superbowl trip to Miami.

Magical Mystical Riverdance

Don’t be Shy!  Leave a Reply! So, I recently attended a performance of “Riverdance – the Farewell Tour” Opening Night Gala at the …

Random LA Coolness

Where Ms. Cheevious provides you THE list of Random L.A. Coolness. It’s random. That’s for sure!

The REAL White Out

Where Ms. Cheevious divulges the secrets of the White Party at Sky Bar – Mondrian Hotel – Sunset Strip – Hollywood. Check out the cast of characters and the Hottie McHottlesteins!

Emmys Baby!

Because I posted once this week already – in “Are You Ready to Rock Your Body?” – and so many of you …