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Hallo-Freakin-Ween People

Where Ms. Cheevious recaps Halloween, or HALLO-FREAKIN-WEEN in her Ms. Cheevious Bitchin’ Badass Speak.

Left Boob, Right Hand

Where Ms. Cheevious wakes up in an unusual body position (hint: not bad just before Halloween) and poses a series of curiousities to the readers, to try and figure out why.

Boys and My Toys

1.  Boys love toys, this we all know.  We’ve all heard and probably said some rendition of the saying, “Boys and their …

A-Muse-Ing in Aspen

Okay kiddies! Here it is – the much anticipated, long-awaited answer to what Lisa Jey Davis – Ms. Cheevious herself chose to …

Seeking Inspiration

I need help. I went out by myself this evening in search of inspiration.  I know.  Sad. It’s the weekend before Halloween …