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This is gonna hurt

THIS IS GONNA HURT   #DailyNugget     I went to my girl’s Fit-Palooza event to benefit FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered because that’s the kinda guy I am. I show up. They raised more than planned, which was great. But this THING Ms. Cheevious teaches? This (insert …

Show me what you can do

SHOW ME WHAT YOU CAN DO   #DailyMischief   I sometimes I think in September and October the blog gets bogged down …

Name this photo

It doesn’t matter what you name it. It’s TEAL. It’s Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month – a very important cause. Pay attention. Do …

Ms. Cheevious #1

Where Ms. Cheevious starts a daily VLOG – this one about her Ms. Behaved day at the Los Angeles Mission. Yup. Videos. Comin’ atcha people. Enjoy.