Elf the Musical - London 2015 (small)

London’s HOT TICKET: Elf the Musical Gala

If you’re in the US, and happen to be jet-setting off to London this week, or you just so happen to be across the pond presently… The hot ticket to have in your hot little hands, is for the Elf the Musical Gala benefitting the Alzheimer’s Society this Thursday evening, November 5.

I love that.

Get it?

Alzheimer’s Society? November 5th?

“Remember, remember the 5th of November?”

If you don’t know the reference, look it up kids, then report back to me. It’s a good one, but it’s the “remembering” thing that kills me!

But seriously, there is a reason this is especially poignant right now: Because November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.



The evening starts with red carpet arrivals at the Dominion Theater in London’s West End, and of course the play, which recently opened to rave reviews (produced by Michael Rose and U-Live, and directed by Morgan Young).  Catch the trailer here. Following that, a star-studded red carpet and gala celebration at Hamley’s Toy Store on Regent Street, where I’m told Buddy the Elf (Ben Forster) and Jovie (Kimberly Walsh of Girls Aloud) will arrive on a sleigh pulled by reindeer (police escort and all).








Because it’s a feel good story that is sure to exceed your expectations, and this evening’s cause is a great one. We’ve got to take care of our elders people. Don’t ever forget that, because as I get older, I may forget it!  I NEED YOU. YOU NEED ME. We all need each other!

It’s that whole “you reap what you sow,” thing.

I know you understand.


If you’re not going to be in London but you have friends or family who might:


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Elf the Musical - London 2015

Celebrities expected include: Ben Forster (Elf the Musical), Kimberly Walsh (Elf the Musical, Girls Aloud), Melanie C (formerly of Spice Girls), Chris Moyles, Liz Robertson (Phanton of the Opera), Wendi Peters (Coronation Street), Gemma Oaten (Emmerdale), Aled Jones (Weekend), Dr. Christian Jessen (Supersize vs. Superskinny, Embarrassing Bodies), Jim Davidson (Big Brother, Comedian), Paul O’Grady (For the Love of Dogs, Animal Orphans), Matthew Kelly, Christopher Biggins (Mongrels, Celebrity MasterChef, Catchphrase),  Matt Cardle (X-Factor), David Kernan, Carole Ashby (‘Allo ‘Allo!, Bond girl), Pasha Kovalev (Strictly Come Dancing), Rachel Riley (Strictly Come Dancing), Oti Mabuse (Strictly Come Dancing), Anthony Ogoggo (Strictly Come Dancing), Chad Beguelin (Elf the Musical), Matthew Sklar (Elf the Musical), Thomas Meehan (Elf the Musical), Robert Martin (Elf the Musical)



The Great Swag Bag Giveaway #GreatSwagBag

The Great Instagram Swag Bag Giveaway

I’ve been around Hollywood, people. And it seems that everywhere you go here in Tinsel Town, they give cool shit to the guests in the form of gift bags. I can’t possibly keep all this stuff, even if I lived in a huge house! And since M.C. Nugget and I live in a little tiny beach palace… well, I’m unloading all the goods right here and right now.

Yep. A TON of the cool things from Hollywood Award shows and gifting suites are HERE in ONE BAG. And they’re going to one lucky winner!

And yes… there are really awesome things (like a custom designed Pandora Charm Bracelet (I designed it on the spot at a Golden Globes party), a Crow Watch, some Rembrandt Whitening strips, some great scarves, more jewelry, lingerie, and more…

And this contest is running for a solid month, finishing up on August 4, 2015, to give everyone time to rack up the points! It involves INSTAGRAM, so if you’re not on Instagram, there is no time like the present, folks. Get to it! But you can certainly earn points in other ways! Check it out!

(PS. If you don’t see the contest below, but instead only see the title, then just “refresh” your browser. That should make it display properly!)

The Great Swag Bag Giveaway #GreatSwagBag
The Great Ms. Cheevious SWAG BAG Give Away



I'm a GREAT mom



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I’ve said this before… that my other boyfriend has 27 inches. It’s true. M.C. Nugget is TOTALLY in over his head… . And it’s not just because of the size. I become entranced when I’m with my other guy. I only have eyes for him. Everyone around me just disappears. And all things considered, Nuggie is actually pretty great with all this, even though I don’t even know if he’s in the same room when I’m with my 27 inch-er…

I guess you could say Nuggie and I have an “open relationship” when it comes to this.

If you’re new, I’m sorry. You think I’m a total sleaze. Well… Pfff! I probably am… but don’t get your g-string in a bunch (if that’s even possible). The other boyfriend I’m talking about is my Big Screen (otherwise known as my 27″ iMac computer).

I’m about to go around the block to get next door with a little story here, but if you want the short version, scroll down past the TOTALLY interesting story just below.. you won’t miss a THING. Swear.To.God.

I’ve always had a love affair with technology, dating back to listening to my transistor radio by the neighborhood pool when I was six. And  I’m pretty good at all things “techno.” Have you seen my “Techno-Babe Moments” videos? When I first married my ex-husband, I was 23. He took me to his family’s cabin in the woods (and by cabin, I mean a luxury home with a full-sized washer, dryer, two bathrooms, satellite TV and telephone service inside). Though it had all the luxuries of home, the place was secluded in a breathtaking mountain valley known as Pearl Lakes, CO, Upon arrival I learned their satellite TV was broken. It was an old-fashioned satellite, straight out of the 80’s… A giant dish sat outside their living room window, and it required dish owners to “subscribe” to various services that had satellites floating up in space. Many of them were free, some were not. They had names like Galaxy19, Telstar and so on. My ex’s family hadn’t been able to watch TV since just after the guy installed it and someone in the family tried to change the position of the satellite to watch something. All they saw was snow. So, my first day there, against warnings that I would light the thing on fire by the end of the day, I sat, undeterred, communing with the piece of equipment. I had it working within about an hour and I’d never used one of those things in my life.

I’m just sayin’…

So, the other day, I was thinking about my son Graden, when he was about six or seven and we lived in our condo in Los Angeles. He was (and still is) brilliant and resourceful, and he quickly found ways to reach me through the deep, magnetic pull of my computer screen (though back then it was probably only about 12 inches). Poor kid was forced to be resourceful if he wanted to eat (it was all a part my plan to train him for the apocalypse).

One of the first ways he did this went something like this:


….. (pause… )

….. (pause… )


….. (pause… )

….. (pause… )


….. (pause… )

….. (pause… )


….. (pause… )

….. (pause… )

….. (pause… )





I immediately heard him, snapped out of it, felt guilty and ran to his side.

This reaction greatly pleased Graden. The heavens opened up and the angels did sing on that day.

But that was IT. My life of peaceful communion with my computer was over. Graden started getting creative with things like yelling, or singing made up songs with my name in it, even grabbing my sleeve with his construction clamp-y toy.

This did not bode well for either of us.

Pull me away from “work” accidentally? Okay. But start devising ways to pull me away from my work to say “hi,” “what are you doing?” or any other random statement… uh… NO.

At the same time, I’m not a horrible person.

No, really.

I actually understood my little guy’s need for mommy time and attention, even if I was working (yes… yes… I actually did work from home then).

So, we came up with a system.

I sat down with him on his bed, snuggled him, looked him sweetly and deeply in the eyes and explained that mommies need to have other people and things in their lives too. That my computer was a way for me to provide a roof over his head. That if he continued to interrupt in such a way, we would be sleeping on the street in a cardboard box very soon, and did he want that to happen? No, of course he didn’t. I also let him know that he had no reason to be jealous… just because the computer obeyed me every single time and made my life easier, it wasn’t his fault… and he had no reason to feel threatened, or afraid. It really was HIM that I loved.

I Really DO Love My Son More Than My Computer

You can tweet something like that above, by clicking HERE.

So, I pulled out a white sheet of paper, and I told him that if he ever REALLY NEEDED to pull me away from my work… from my ability to keep us from living on the street, he could QUIETLY slip that baby in front of the computer screen.

I further educated him on situations when this interruption was appropriate:

a fire

an accident involving my vodka

a flood

an earthquake.

This actually worked pretty well. Poor little Graden. He still does this to this day.

He’s 20.


But when I remembered this the other day, I immediately texted him. These are fond memories for me. So our text went something like this:


Kids say the darndest things

Kids say the damnedest things, don’t they?! You see?? I’m not such a horrible mom. Look how long it took HIM to respond!!!!


I know, I know. The cliche’s don’t escape me (they never do): The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, You reap what you sow, etc. etc. etc.

Until next time, people!


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War at the Greek Theatre 2015

This means war

This is all about music. Get ready to be schooled on some old, great music, people.

Saturday night M.C. Nugget took me to the Greek to see a few bands… a couple of latin groups, one called Malo, another called Tiera (they were famous for “Together Baby”), Los Lonely Boys and the headliner, a band called War.

Get Me To The Greek and Take Me Back Stage

Our next door neighbor is the road manager for the band War, and he HOOKED US UP. We had hospitality suite passes and some of the best seats EVER.

We were totally clueless as to the first two acts, Malo and Tiera, but if drinking Pina Coladas and lying on a beach somewhere appeals to you, chances are you’d love this music.

So, Nuggie and I and our white bred, blonde haired, blue-eyed, fair-skinned selves, were sitting in the BEST.SEATS.EVER, and I struck up a conversation with the guy next to us.

He looked at me, looked at Nuggie, and obviously confused, asked, “So….. who are you hear to listen to?”

I totally understood. Nuggie and I stood out in the crowd. You could probably see our blonde hair from space in that crowd… but I chuckled.

(Besides, if you read my book, you know I’m from New Mexico – where situations like this are the norm. Being the only huera among Latinos happened on a regular basis there, and it’s quite comfortable to me. These are my people, people!).

I explained how we came to hear the band, War, and Los Lonely Boys, but we’d never heard of the other two bands.

We danced and sang to the music of each of these talented musicians, and we had a blast.

The the guy next to us said, “So, what’s your favorite WAR song?”

To which I replied in song… “FIRE! DUH-DUH-DUH!! FIRE!!!”

The guy busted up laughing and said “That is NOT by War! That’s the Ohio Players…”

I laughed, and was a little taken off guard, because I usually know my music, but I’ve confused this song for War in the past. So, I asked, laughing, “Wait!! Then what is one of their famous songs?”

“Uh… CISCO KID?” he laughed.




Ah, that explains it….



Tomato, Tomahto.




But listen to these. They could be the same band. SWEAR.TO.GOD.

Here is FIRE (a remix) by The Ohio Players (link in case it’s not displaying below – https://soundcloud.com/thefunkhunters/fire-the-funk-hunters-remix):



Here is CISCO KID by War, for your listening pleasure (here is their link, in case it’s not displaying https://soundcloud.com/lazylunch/sets/the-cisco-kid-war):



And now… check out these other bands that opened for War. I bet you never knew who they were. And… YOU’RE WELCOME.


HOW FAR IS HEAVEN by Los Lonely Boys (did you know that guy can PLAY the GUITAR???) (link in case it’s not displaying – https://soundcloud.com/user8886233/los-lonely-boys-how-far-is-heaven):



SUAVECITO by Malo (if it’s not displaying below, click here: https://soundcloud.com/scottrek44/ssuaveci-malo):



And, TOGETHER by Tiera (if it’s not displaying, check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt0tq-rD38U):



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Mack's Fish Camp, Florida

Skeeters from Hell

#TheFunny #DailyMischief

Shortly after running the Piper home security system giveaway contest (which ended on Mother’s Day), M.C. Nugget flew me out to Ft. Lauderdale to visit him on the set of a show he was shooting (called Graceland, on USA Network). It was a quick trip, sandwiched betwixt and between a vigorous pilates teaching schedule, and immediately following my gigantic hoopla of a book release party (more on that in my next post)…Mother’s Day notwithstanding..

I admit, I landed at Ft. Lauderdale airport frazzled, worn out, dazed, and in much need of a GIANT VACATION, which is why I failed to post the winner of the Piper contest…until now (see bottom of this post to see if you won).

Also, I wasn’t prepared for the thick, dripping heat and humidity. Someone said to me, “It’s summer here!” Like I’m supposed to know what that means. Come ON.

I mean, yeah. I knew it would be hot and humid.. But I didn’t really know it would be hot and humid. Know what I mean?

I loved it though. Every minute. The balmy air felt so great on my skin as we lounged by the pool on the first day, sipping cocktails.

I curled up with my kindle and continue reading a friend’s book I’d started on the plane — a true guilty pleasure by Diane Rapp called Murder Caribbean Style, a mystery/romance with totally fun, and most-likely utterly implausible situations that I immediately believed and gobbled up, because… PFFF it took place on a CRUISE SHIP, and in the CARIBBEAN.

I blew off my work… and… relaxed. Ahhh, it was wonderful.

THEN, the next day, we lathered ourselves up with insect repellant to prepare for being on-location in the Everglades. We caught the cast shuttle to the set, and stepped out into Mack’s Fish Camp. I felt pretty spiffy, myself… as if I’d stepped off the pages of my friend’s book to visit a cool, “off-the-beaten-path” place, with alligators they know and love swimming around hoping for a chance meeting with a stranger’s foot.





I made sure none of my body parts had a chance meeting with the alligators (click to tweet that). But I was completely taken off-guard by the mambo insect-repellant-resistant mosquitos that sucked my blood, pelting me with welts.

It really….. can I say this? Are you ready for this?


The next day, Nuggie and I planned to get a workout in at the hotel fitness center, but stopped to lay by the pool for a bit first. The sun was warm and cozy once again, and it felt so good to sit on the edge of the pool dangling our feet in the cool water.

The gym was a stone’s throw from where we sat on the pool’s edge. As the the warm sun grew brighter and hotter, I looked to my right and just over Nuggie’s shoulder was the door to the bar. Five more feet away was the door to the gym.

I weighed the possibilities. Bar? Gym?

I asked Nuggie about a cocktail. We deliberated about it. My welts were hurting. It was hot.

It turned out we didn’t really want to work out anyway. Plus the gym was so much further away.

That was the beginning of my last day in Florida. If anyone asks why I didn’t work out and got sauced and a bit sun kissed by the pool, tell them the Skeeters from Hell made me do it.


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(Tell everyone on Twitter how the mosquitos sucked here)

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Here is a screenshot of all those who left comments to win the PIPER Home Security System. If a name is listed more than once, it’s because they commented here and on the blog. Not a SINGLE single parent commented to my knowledge, so sadly, as much as I’d hoped they would comment, there are none who received three entries.







One look at THIS photo makes you wonder why ANYONE would want me as eye candy! I was EXHAUSTED with no makeup. This is what I really look like folks! LOL

A tip for ladies from the Hollywood trenches: the casting couch





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On this, the week of Grammys, 2015, I thought it apropos to talk about a typical experience I had while working in Hollywood.  I loved my work in music television production. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. But, like any other job, it came with its own set of frustrations. When thinking about this, I can’t help but recall the time I met “Universal.”

Universal was one of the many guys back in the day who wanted to introduce me to the stereotypical Hollywood “casting couch.” As if, would ever fall prey to the casting couch. I was eager and a networking fool, but let’s not go crazy.

My life was all about networking at a time when the only thing I’d done to qualify me to work in television was production and news desk work at my local network affiliate news station. Networking was all I had (aside from my brains, keen fashion sense and wicked sense of humor).

When Universal and I met, I was with my friend Britt at a legitimate red carpet event, hosted by her network E! Entertainment Television.

SIDE NOTE HERE.  I’m only differentiating the event as “legit” because in Hollywood, you can stumble upon events purporting to be “star-studded” with a “red carpet” all day long. People in Hollywood (more so than any other place on the planet, it seems) have drunk the Kool-Aid about the mystical world of celebrities and red carpets. Which surprises me, because, you know… we actually have legitimate red carpet events going on all the time to serve as examples.

So when I was a publicist and would turn down events like a client’s best friend’s aunt’s cousin’s bat mitzvah, people were a bit befuddled and probably deflated. Poor kids. But their reasoning generally went something like this:

Why wouldn’t the press see the newsworthy aspect and cover this event? No doubt Brad and Angelina would come. They’re parents too. They can relate, right? And they’d do it for the publicity, right? No? How about Madonna? She studied the Kabbala for goddsakes! She’ll definitely come out to show her support, especially since she doesn’t get much PR these days, right?

But, THIS event with Britt… it was LEGIT. I talk about it in my book “Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood”, but there were the usual soap and sitcom stars, a host of entertainment industry execs, publicists, and more — and all manner of press.

This event initiated the brief, casual friendship I had with Universal. He turned out to be the Vice President of some type of distribution or production or something over at Universal Studios. Within a few minutes we learned that he was involved in approval of production as well as casting of a select few projects, and Britt was slightly in awe of my meeting him (the reason I started to talk to him, as well as why I chose to step away from conversations with the Soap and Sitcom stars are covered in the book as well).

So I was a single mom, trying to network my way into production jobs in Hollywood (I was never interested in acting), and I made this fabulous connection. I was always very clear about what I was doing in LA when talking with new connections, and Universal was no exception. Still, with Universal (and everyone else), I was my normal, kind, REAL and down to earth self. (That’s me, right? RIGHT?)

I followed up with him, met him for lunch a few times, invited him to a big soire Britt and I threw, and learned of his personal interests… he was into fine art and music. He’d traveled with a rock and roll band of the 70’s (some little known band like Molly Hatchett or Quiet Riot) for years before going corporate. I learned all of this, and he in turn knew of my aspirations. Not once did Universal ever make an effort to introduce me to people who could offer me a job, or even let me know about films or projects coming up so I could do the networking and hustling on my own. And yes, I came right out and asked him to. It was always met with something like “I’ll keep that in mind.”

My connection with Universal faded, as my energy for pursuing an obvious dead-end connection waned. And it was a two-way street. Once he realized there would be no booty, he stopped pursuing as well.

And this sums up the viable complaint of all of the beautiful women, and my beautiful girlfriends in Hollywood:

“It’s always about the sex, or the date, or the arm candy with these guys. They aren’t interested to connect with me professionally in the least.”

And beauty is relative, mind you. For most of these guys, you don’t have to have Jessica Alba or Cameron Diaz looks… If you have two legs, somewhat of a nice rack and aren’t 400 lbs, you’re good! I found this to be true of most of the connections I made with men who were all too eager to meet me for drinks now and then. I must have amused them with my talk of production and the business, and in speaking of marketing and budgets.  I was always careful to let them know that I had something going on up there in my brain… Silly me, thinking that it mattered.

I won’t mince words here, though. If any one of these guys had been hot, didn’t have a pot belly bigger than an eight month pregnant woman, or weren’t more than twenty years older than me, I may have been ALL over that. I’m a red-blooded female, aren’t I? If there’d been any chemistry whatsoever, I’d be writing a different piece here altogether. These kinds of stories are what epic romances are made of, after all.

But listen ladies, I don’t know why this blatant truth seemed to escape me back then, (maybe it was because I’d made my share of successful networking connections in the same way, which led to work) but it’s a rare person who will extend the hand of friendship, and go out on a limb to recommend someone for work, let alone a heterosexual guy, when dealing with a chick he wants to “date”.

I’m not saying “don’t continue to take meetings,” or “don’t network.” I’m not saying to close yourself off from opportunities. I’m just saying to be savvy. Be kind, polite and intelligent, and make your intentions clear. Then GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT. Learn quickly if this connection isn’t going to pan out, and MOVE ON.


it’s a rare person who will extend the hand of friendship, and go out on a limb to recommend someone for work, let alone a heterosexual guy, when dealing with a chick he wants to “date” 

One look at THIS photo makes you wonder why ANYONE would want me as eye candy! I was EXHAUSTED with no makeup. This is what I really look like folks! LOL
This is Sheryl Crow with me in a rare backstage photo at a SHEILA E charity event. This photo did not make the book… One look at it makes you wonder why ANYONE would want me as eye candy! I was EXHAUSTED with no makeup. This is what I really look like folks!

…be savvy. Be kind, polite and intelligent, and make your intentions clear. Then GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT. Learn quickly if this connection isn’t going to pan out, and MOVE ON.

Another rare backstage image with Stevie Wonder and other members of the crew. This is one event where my relentless networking paid off!
Another rare backstage image with Stevie Wonder and other members of the crew. This is one event where my relentless networking paid off!





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Mercury in Retrograde

Meh. I got nothin’





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You may have noticed that I’m not myself lately (not the fun-loving, story-telling nut job I normally am, that is). I’ve been otherwise detained with business opportunities (of which, involve classical pilates certification, the FINAL launch of my memoir Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood, an entire revamp of my personal website, teaching Pilates on steroids and now, TAXES).

It’s not easy writing a blog when so much else is spinning, especially if and when Mercury is in retrograde.


It’s tough to conquer the world when your equipment goes schizo.

I’m not saying I believe in all this hocus-pocus stuff that people apparently LOVE to dish out. And trust me… I’ve been exposed to it all, and it can be some downright WHACKY bullshit. If you happen to live your life by tincture and crystal please don’t be offended. It doesn’t make me love you less, but I’m not one to go there without serious research or at least gut-level sense.

And hey,don’t know the mysteries of the universe, (although I’ve been quite sure I’ve solved them over cocktails now and then), but ask to hover crystals over my body to see if my chi is balanced, or whatever, and I’ll make you a deal: I’d love to read the entire Webster’s Unabridged dictionary to you in a seven hour sitting.

This to say, that Mercury may or may NOT be in retrograde… but dammit all, I am BACK people!!

Okay… I’m sort of back. Let’s not go crazy. I’m not totally back right this second.

Right now, in this  moment?…

Well… I got nothin’.


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MTV Movie Awards 2004

A little peek


This is the last week you can pre-order the hard-cover copy of my book “Ms. Cheevious in Hollyood: My Zany Years Spent Working in Tinsel Town” at a discount! Order now.



Since this post went live, my book’s gone on sale!! SQUEEE!!!!  And Amazon, being the behemoth it is, has it marked down even cheaper than retail!

Go HERE: http://www.amazon.com/Ms-Cheevious-Hollywood-Working-Tinsel/dp/0986232408/

Now, if you want a SIGNED copy, you’ll need to order that here.

Also, the “fan” business in the next line won’t work for you either (since the pre-order campaign page is done), but you can subscribe to my e-list (emails go out *maybe* once a week) over there =====> in the side bar! WOOT!!!



If you’re waiting for the paperback or eBook version, that’s okay. You can still do something for me. Go to the page and sign up to be my fan, would you? This will help me in the future, to know who wants the book, even if it’s not now.


Below is little peek into the book, and what’s in store if you read it! FUN.FUN.FUN, I say.


If I’d Attacked Him He’d Be Dead

“I wonder if Scarlett Johansson can tell I escaped insanity to be here.”


“Lisa Jey!”

Aaron, my friend and boss called into the headset, “I need you to get Scarlett Johansson and take her to prompter! She’s hung up at red carpet somewhere. Over!” Kkkhhh.

“I’m on it,” I replied. Hmm … I saw Lost in Translation … I’ll recognize her, I thought. But as I opened the sound stage door, I was met by a barrage of equipment and people: celebrities drinking and chatting, production crews maneuvering cameras and boom microphones and journalists, all crammed together outside the backstage door. I had to get through this cluster just to get to the red carpet and I had to move fast. Okay, this may not be so easy.

I pushed my way authoritatively through the crowd, without prejudice. “People! Hello! Can—you—please—MOVE? It’s imperative I get through now! Snoop Dogg? Hi. I’m sorry! No time to talk here. I have! To get! To red! Carpet!”

I finally spilled out of the other side of the crowd near the opposite end of the red carpet nearly tripping over my own stilettos (I always dress up for show time). Behind me lay party mayhem. In front of me were scattered miscellaneous faces in utter silence. It was like night and day. Where was everyone? And where was Scarlett? I scanned the landscape frantically, looking for someone who might know my charge. A few guys wearing baggie jeans with boxers exposed, black shades, sports jerseys and tons of gold bling were talking on cell phones and slouching against the audience stands. Rappers… Why do they all dress alike? I walked up to one of them, who had his phone up to his ear and asked, “Have you seen Scarlett Johansson?” He said nothing, but pointed to his right and looked over toward a skinny little thing who was smiling and chatting away, seemingly amused by the mayhem behind me. She looked fabulous in a black little bustier dress and yellow mesh tank. Her hair looked like it was pulled up in these tiny sort-of chop-stick things.

I walked over to her, conjuring up my most cheerful voice and said, “Hey there! I need to get you to prompter pretty quickly. They’re waiting for you.”

“Okay,” she answered with a smile and followed me. This time, the chaotic crowd seemed like no big deal. I knew it was for one reason only: I had Scarlett with me. The friggin’ Red Sea parted because everyone wanted a piece of—I mean a glance at Scarlet Johansson.

As we worked our way through, Scarlet kept pausing to greet every single person along the way she seemed to know, and there were a ton. This is not good. Finally the stage door came into view, and just as I was starting to feel my breath recalibrate, Scarlett stopped dead in her tracks and began a full-on conversation with an unassuming guy who was standing there in a tan leather jacket and dark sunglasses. I had no idea how she knew him, or why anyone would assume it was okay to hold things up, but he was smiling a lot and looked pretty happy. I just didn’t get it. I would have burst into flames, but my appreciation and enthusiasm for all things fun and social (not to mention the fact that I kept getting involved in Scarlett’s little conversations, laughing and smiling right along with her and her “friends”) kept me somewhat cool. I couldn’t tell whether any of them saw through my clever producer disguise. I found I was pretty adept at waxing professional and not letting on about anything that had gone on in my life. But it was in those moments, attempting to relate to people who were on the red carpet, and who knew Scarlett for one reason or another, that I couldn’t help but wonder if they saw “Damaged” or “Been through hell” written all over my face. Was there any chance Scarlett saw past the headset into the chaotic, heartbreaking world I’d come from? Could she possibly see that I’d been through the horrors of my husband’s violent drug addiction, the threat of losing my kids and going to jail, and had suffered deeply seeing my older son under someone else’s care? I hoped not, as I chuckled and smiled as knowingly as possible at their talk of designer gowns or shoes, or the party they’d been to in Cannes. I watched as she and this mystery guy laughed together for all on the sidelines to see.

After a few minutes, I was jolted back again. Kkkhhh. “Lisa Jey! Where’s Scarlett?! Over!” Kkkhhh.

Trying to talk under my breath I mumbled into the headset “I’ve got her. We’re at the stage door. But there’s a hold-up.”

“What?” Aaron commanded. In that second I noticed a boom mic hanging over my head and with a glance over my shoulder saw an entire MTV camera crew behind me, trying to capture all of this on film. Why is everyone making such a big deal about this?

Then, Mr. Unassuming reached out, shook my hand and said, “Hi. How’re you doing?”

Oh. I get it now.

“I’m good, thanks!” I said cheerily…


“So, you were the Tom they were looking for earlier?” I said, laughing to Mr. Unassuming Tom Cruise.

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Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood

It’s time kids

I know it’s been almost nine friggin years in the making, and I realize it’s been so damn long that to refer to my memoir “Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood – My Zany Years Spent Working In Tinsel Town” as much anticipated, or even long overdue, seems well, a little old and worn. I also am cognizant of the fact I have been promising this book for so long that the mere mention of it here on the blog has been scant, to say the least, and has mostly been relegated to the BOOKS page of the site.

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Win Two Free Months of Nerium Night Cream! Woot!



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