I have the Midas "Twouch"

I’ve got the Midas “Twouch”





I haven’t said anything about this yet, but I have the Midas Touch on Twitter… I’m calling it the Midas Twouch, actually. (you can tweet that here).

If you don’t “Tweet” you may change your mind in a minute.

Here are some verifiable examples of how I’ve tweeted things into existence. It’s like MAGIC. I’m not even TRYING to get things, and yet they keep showing up at my door.


About a year ago I received a delectable box of chocolates in the mail from Sucre Chocolates in New Orleans after I’d been tweeting about how much I love chocolate. No surprise there. I made a video about that yummy box of chocolates and how it made me dance like Elaine from Seinfeld here, Below is a sampling of my tweets about chocolate, culminating in said “box” being sent to me:

Ms. Cheevious Chocolate Tweets



I’m constantly tweeting that Vodka is my first choice in alcohol. Because of this, I received some vodka infused, yummy, healthy VitaFrute in two flavors, which made for some excellent, refreshing cocktails for a few months.


Here’s the tweet image in case you can’t see it above:

Vita Frute

The amount of time I spend online is asinine and I should be committed. It had gotten so ridiculous, I remember about six months ago saying out loud something like “When is all of this FREAKING HARD WORK going to pay off for REAL?”

That’s because tweeting, posting to Facebook and Instagram (for three accounts each, me the Author, me the Health Nut and for Ms. Cheevious), youtube, blogs, etc. etc... is a TON of work. I spend most of the hours in my day in front of a computer, tablet or smart phone communicating to people in a virtual world.



I ran out of my favorite face products near the end of last year (December). I was tweeting about this, and how I needed some new products, stat. Shortly afterward, Dr. Garo Kassabian at Lift MD Aesthetics hooked me up with a huge free kit, and a diamond facial! It was awesome. They also gave the same thing to one of you lovely people.

I tweeted this, rather non-chalantly afterward.


Here is the image, in case the above tweet isn’t displaying properly:

I've Got the Midas Twouch



So, I had just asked “When is this going to pay off for real?” And I had just tweeted #NewCar, when my answer came. I received an email from Klout (another online platform both Ms. Cheevious and me are on, which measures your online influence), letting me know I’d won their Perk contest from Chrysler. The prize? A free two year lease of a new car.  I called Klout headquarters to make sure it wasn’t a scam. It was real.



As Peter Parker’s uncle said “With great power comes great responsibility.” Something I hadn’t accounted for, was the power of my joking tweets. I can’t seem to track it down, but somewhere along the way I tweeted about winning a big prize, and how it was too bad it wasn’t a bundle of money.

Two weeks later, Chrysler called and asked if I would like to have a cash prize instead.



Here is the proof on Instagram (snapshot also below):



This just happened. I won it. Yep. #ChryslerPerk #CashInsteadOfACar.


I’ve also tried to tweet a television series into existence for M.C. Nugget, but instead was approached by a casting director myself for a network TV show. I’m still fine-tuning that one.

SCARY STUFF. One mustn’t confuse the Twitterverse!

So, I’ll just be over here, tweeting about my best-selling book and Nuggie’s three picture deal.


In the meantime, I’m taking tweet requests in the comments on this post. No promises or guarantees.



#MomFactor: You’ve tried everything to get the kids to eat spinach? If all else fails, TWEET mama! TWEET!

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#Contest #Cause

1) You cannot be an employee of Invitae.
2) The winner must be over 18 and his or her doctor must submit a test order that confirms s/he is an appropriate candidate for BRCA testing based on his or her assessment of the patient and his/her family history. 


I’m taking a break this week from my regularly scheduled funny and random posts to address something extremely important and close to my heart: YOU and YOUR HEALTH.

In honor of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Week (this week of September 29, 2014), I’m giving away two (count em, TWO) BRCA Genetic Screenings.


I know, I know.

Why do I think you would want or need the genetic test or “BRCA” screening, and what the hell is it?

National HBOC week for BRCA and other Related Cancer Issues

I’ll tell you.

The BRCA screening is important for anyone who’s had a relative (or close friend, or loved one) with breast or ovarian cancer. It tells patients whether or not they have the mutation, putting them at a higher risk for those (and a few other types of) cancers.



The cancers that can occur as a result of this BRCA high risk range from the obvious: ovarian and breast cancers; to the not-so-obvious: pancreatic, prostate and male breast cancers (as well as various forms of skin cancer, stomach and others). So basically, we’re talking about a LOT of cancers, and a potential butt-load of risk.

I think it’s extremely important to tell people in families with Breast & Ovarian Cancer about the screening, whether they know if they carry the gene or not. If you don’t have a relative who’s suffered through any of the related cancers, chances are, you’ve got a friend who has. So, listen up!

If you or a friend or relative know someone who’s had Breast or Ovarian Cancer… This test (and this give-away) is for you, or for someone you love! 



And I (along with Invitae – a genetics testing company), am offering you and anyone you know a chance to win a free genetic screening and the genetic counseling to go along with it (actually two chances because there are two screenings being given away)!!!! This thing can cost about $4,000.00, if ordered via traditional methods, people.

Why am I doing this?

Well, because.

Even though I come from a family of 11 kids (10 siblings from the same parents), my sister died of Ovarian Cancer, which she got at the age of 46. She was the first and only one of our family members to have any BRCA related cancers, and she didn’t make it out alive! My sister had to die for me to be seen as “at risk enough” to get the test, and I tested positive, as did another of my sisters (none of my 6 brothers have opted for the screening).

I told all the details of my entire journey on the Ms. Cheevious blog here, and on the Huffington Post here., and I was on The Doctors TV show telling that story as well, with the brilliant cosmetic surgeon who performed my one-stage mastectomy/breast reconstruction (you can see some of it by clicking here).

Suffice it to say, if it weren’t for my sister’s passing, me and my other nine siblings (as well as all of our kids) may have never even known about the screening, whether or not we had the mutation, or what this shit was all about!!!


What you do with the knowledge is your responsibility. I do not suppose to tell you what is best for you, so once you have the knowledge… Well, the rest is up to you.

I was fortunate that my insurance covered the screening, but not everyone is so lucky.

The Contest:

For those of you who would like to win one of the two screenings I’m giving away, either for yourself or for someone you know, please read the rules:

1) You cannot be an employee of Invitae.

2) The winner must be over 18 and his or her doctor must submit a test order that confirms s/he is an appropriate candidate for BRCA testing based on his or her assessment of the patient and his/her family history. 

3) You may enter as many times as you wish, so come back daily to do so.

4) The prize is transferable, so enter for your loved ones, but if they do not meet the criteria of #2 above, and are randomly selected as a winner, a new winner will be chosen.


I wish I could give this to every single person alive who needs it, but good luck everyone! Please enter DAILY to increase your odds of winning. The winner will be selected on Monday, October 6, 2014.

Here is your chance to enter and win (if the full giveaway isn’t showing in your browser, click here to see it on the Ms. Cheevious Facebook page, or here on Rafflecopter.com):
a Rafflecopter giveaway

#MomFactor: Well, if you, your baby daddy, husband or significant other fall into the category of people who can get this screening, you owe it to yourself and to your kids to enter!

*According to the Susan G. Komen website, in the U.S., between one in 400 and one in 800 people in the general population have a BRCA1/2 mutation. Prevalence varies by ethnic group. Among Ashkenazi Jewish men and women, about one in 40 have a BRCA1/2 mutation.

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The first Attempt at a Star...

Sometimes you have to do things for yourself





When friends come to play in LA, I don’t always have the freedom to run around town with them. But when my friend Stiletto came to town all the way from Florida to introduce us to her beau (who’d never been to LA), I broke away for a little fun. Getting to Hollywood from the beach is no small task, even on a Wednesday at 1PM. It took me a solid hour to get there, and by the time I made it to the Roosevelt Hotel to meet them for lunch, they’d already sampled a handful of the craft cocktails at Public Bar. I sat down next to my friend, observed an interesting pink colored cocktail with a sprig of Rosemary sticking out of it in front of her, and after a hellacious drive, I said “I’ll have what she’s having.” It was called the Strawberry Fields with Russian Standard, Strawberry, Rosemary, lime and Ginger beer. I ordered it sans Ginger beer. And this is how my afternoon with them began.

With cocktails.

After lunch, we walked along Hollywood Boulevard and I grinned as I recalled the last time I was on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with my sisters.

There is something about Hollywood that brings out the mischief in me. [you can tweet that]

So, when Stiletto suggested it was time I had my own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, I couldn’t argue.

I don’t know that one of those stars will ever be presented to me, but sometimes you have to do things for yourself.

In red lipstick.

And when the first attempt isn’t always the best.

The first Attempt at a Star...

You try, try again.

Ms. Cheevious on The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Ms. Cheevious by her Star


#MomFactor: Tell your kids this, and exemplify it for them: If at first you don’t succeed, TRY, TRY AGAIN. 

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Surgeon at The Knick

I’m ready for my closeup Mr. Soderbergh





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Cinemax’s new show “The Knick” about medicine and surgery at the Knickerbocker Hospital in New York City starring Clive Owen, is just, well, gross. It’s chilling, it’s gritty and it’s loathsome (if you’ve ever been around that kind of addiction as I have)… and yet… it’s fantastic (you can tweet that). Even with all its base goings-on, I couldn’t stop watching.

The series premiere opens with Dr. Thackery (Clive Owen) shooting cocaine between his toes as he rides to work in a horse drawn carriage. The gruesome medical practices, which were thought to be cutting edge procedures of modern medicine at the time, are played out in all their guts and glory (pun intended) for all to see in a room full of un-scrubbed, un-masked and presumably un-cleansed observers. Typical hurdles facing hospitals of the period are addressed, with talks about financial distress and the need for more surgeons. The Knick steps out on a limb, addressing the issues of segregation and discrimination with a new surgeon who, though well-educated, also happens to be black – unheard of in a white hospital circa. 1900.

I have been tweeting for months about the show via @lisajey because a friend of ours, the very talented Grainger Hines (follow him on Twitter), is one of the series regulars (playing wealthy financier Captain August Robertson), and we’ve been SUPER EXCITED for him and for the show’s premiere (which was this past Friday, August 8).

I was going about my merry tweeting business when one day I received notification that Cinemax followed me. I didn’t think too much of it because companies follow me all the time (and I don’t necessarily follow them back), but you know… this was CINEMAX.

Given my PR background, I initially thought Huh… someone’s figured out how awesome I am. And in this case I still didn’t automatically follow them back. I kinda figured they had their fair share of followers. I recall mentioning to M.C. Nugget (my beau, for you newbies) how they’d followed me, and how I found it a bit perplexing, but I said “What the heck. I’ll give them a follow, even though they don’t need me…”

Once I’d followed I realized the method to their lovely madness. They wanted to “direct message” (DM) me on Twitter, and they couldn’t do that unless I followed them. I’m glad I did. The direct message said they wanted to send me some swag from the show and they needed my address. I said HELL YEAH, and sent it over.

I expected a tee-shirt.


Here is what arrived:


The Knick's New Surgeon - ME

Now, before I launch into a diatribe about this little piece of marketing, let me deconstruct this personalized surgical kit for you (personalized because, you know, The Knick probably plans to add me to their surgical team). There are ointments, pills and tinctures (which made my car smell like Campho Phenique – even through the shipping materials), a bar of soap for scrubbing-in, surgical scissors, and that little gold thing that looks like a blood-letting device, along with some microscope slides to conduct my research. The gold blood-letter is a MEMORY DRIVE with posters, videos and more. As to the marketing behind this? GENIUS (end of diatribe).

Here are some of the tweets I shared as a result of this little surprise. If you aren’t seeing them via RSS or email, you can see everything the way it’s supposed to look here.



I’m so glad The Knick decided to add me as a new surgeon. I’m real good with scissors.

Surgeon at The Knick

All I can say is I’m ready for my close up Mr. Soderbergh.

#MomFactor: This television show is most certainly not appropriate for the little ones, but it is a-okay for mommies who don’t have a weak stomach.

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Single Moms: Don't EVER stop trying to find love!

Don’t ever stop trying

Don’t ever stop trying   


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I have been a single mom for much of my mothering lifetime (aside from the 12 years I was married and living with my ex, of course, but I was single mommy before marriage, and obviously afterward again). I was the mommy, the daddy, coach, tutor, confidant, cop, friend and anyone or thing else my sons ever needed. If my kids needed a guy to tell goofy, silly potty-humor jokes to, well I was their guy… to a certain extent.

Because I can relate to the struggles all single moms face, I am sympathetic to them. So, I have a soft spot in my heart for struggling single mommies.

“So what,” you say, “Single moms are pretty much the majority these days, right? And there are tons of people supporting and helping single moms.”

You know, you’re right.

But you see, most people help single moms with advice on parenting, or paying the bills or finishing their college degree. All very worthy areas of need for these mommies. And I like to help out where I can in those areas on occasion as well.

But I don’t know anyone offering the kind of help I think is crucial for single moms.


Single moms must never forget that they are SINGLE. I want them to understand that just because their responsibilities at home quadrupled when they got a divorce, or their kid’s daddy left, or maybe even right when they gave birth, it does not mean they stopped being a red-blooded female with all the wants, desires and needs that go with the territory!

In the interest of helping a sistah out, I found and am sharing this check list I compiled before apps or the internet were readily available. Every single mom should have something like this at her fingertips, to ensure that one of the most under-served parts of her body (otherwise known as her libido) gets some attention, and STAT.

I’ve filled in the blanks, where you would normally keep your own information, but you can see, it’s not about having an actual check list, it’s about being organized, having essential information at your fingertips and always being ready with the supplies you need should the occasion arise.

Hot Moms Check List

These days, single mommy ladies gotta’ be friggin’ BOY SCOUTS if they ever want to get lucky and/or have an adult life. As they say, you’ve got to BE PREPARED.

Get those resources together… all of the people you can think of that will help you in your time of “need,” and that includes hot men (even if they’re just friends, because we all know hot men beget hot girls, which in turn attracts MORE HOT MEN). My personal fave from the check list? Jean Paul (tres Francais) the cute soccer coach.

Come on girls. Even if you have daughters, they’ve got coaches and friends with daddies who are single don’t they?! Be on the lookout!

Remember ladies: Every single one of you is HOT. We humans are all hot in one way or another. So embrace your hotness, and get busy getting lucky! You’ll be glad you did it for yourself, but believe it or not, your kids will benefit as well!


I know that there are some days, weeks, months (maybe even whole years – really?) when the kids’ needs are simply too great, and you’re exhausted just trying to keep up.

Just don’t ever give up. Don’t ever stop trying.

You heard it here first.


The Mom Factor will be a brief synopsis of what each post means for single moms (or moms in general). Look for it.

#MomFactor: If your kids grow up to be in your shoes one day (though it’s not always ideal, it could happen), wouldn’t you want them to have a life and get out there and meet people? Teach your kids to value themselves. Teach them to respect themselves.

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Impostor Girlfriend

Impostor girlfriend

Impostor girlfriend




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Apparently this lady is in Temecula (what the hell is Temecula?). It’s obvious that everyone sees my girl is onto something.

Impostor Girlfriend

But there is only one Ms. Cheevious. And she is mine.

~ The Nugget

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Lift MD Aesthetics Lobby Photo - Beverly Hills

It’s gonna get a whole lot tighter





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We’re talking SKIN (and the importance of taking care of it) all this month in honor of #SkinCancerAwareness month; and for one very lucky person, it’s gonna get a WHOLE LOT tighter. Her skin, that is.

Congratulations to SUZANNE (you know who you are) who won the free e-consultation with Merlin Rubin at Lift MD Aesthetics along with skin care products designed for her skin and with her goals in mind!

Here’s how the rundown came out with all the entrants. As you can see, the odds were pretty good, especially considering not too many  entered both here and on youtube (earning them two entries). I’m glad our winner Suzanne went the extra mile!


Skin Care Products Contest Winners 5/15/14

A whopping thanks to all of you who entered. It was a great contest! Hopefully you’re more aware of the harm our skin can suffer from the sun’s ultraviolet rays! If you want to get more crucial tips for preventing or learn how to #SPOTSkinCancer read the posts I wrote on LiveStrong.com here and on my somewhat normal blog here.

And to you, the winner, Suzanne? Your skin’s gonna love you. Not only that, it’s gonna get a whole lot tighter.


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Things I enjoyed this week… ribbons, the government shut down and how to beat the TSA

Things I enjoyed this week… ribbons, the government shut down and how to beat the TSA


My original Pink Ribbon


You know I couldn’t begin my “things I enjoyed” post with something other than this below. The pink ribbon below (for Breast Cancer Awareness) is my own original artwork, and appears on a winter scarf that is elegant, classy and comes in NINE COLORS. I chose charcoal grey.

You now have no excuse not to support a good cause, because all of these proceeds will go to FORCE (Facing our Risk of Cancer Empowered, which supports anyone afflicted by hereditary breast or ovarian cancer) – a very worthy cause. And the scarves are very affordable at $22.95 plus shipping/handling (shipping is more affordable the more you buy of course) - the link is included in the post below, but here it is again: http://www.zazzle.com/ms_cheevious_hereditary_breastcancer_scarf-256814118370194079. Sad to say that the “Sale” below, is over… But it’s still CHEAP:




This makes me wonder what kind of Wheaties this kid is eating.

17 Year Old Girl Creates Nanopartical that Kills Cancer, Wins $100k

Yes, a cure for cancer may be on the horizon. I’d love to see it. READ it here.

Kills Cancer




And for more on the young kid scientists kicking ass on the adults:

Egyptian girl, Aisha Mustafa, Invents New Space Propulsion System

The headline speaks for itself. This stuff is astounding to me!

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 2.21.46 PM




Having fun with the Government Shutdown

I’m sharing this one now to illustrate a point. You guys, how come a couple of kids are so much smarter than our nation’s leaders? It’s extremely depressing.

An event that makes history such as the recent government shutdown, even if that something signifies a gross lack of intelligence, maturity and grasp of reality on the part of our congressional leaders, is something I couldn’t resist poking fun at.

I poked fun alright. BIG. You’ll find it in a post from earlier this week. I really enjoyed writing this, especially given the fact that the fiery arguments around the shut down ridiculously circle around a law people don’t like. It’s weird to me that no one seems to mind that the due process of government has been ignored… and they don’t seem to care what tactics are used as long as they get their way. But it’s okay. Those hundred-thousand or so furloughed workers probably needed a little vacation, right?


Don’t think I am not aware that two of the things to make this list are my own inventions. I know. There there. And if my post on the shut down wasn’t enough for you (above), there was also THIS from Charles P. Pierce at Esquire.com I truly enjoyed as well.



How to Beat the TSA

You had to know this was coming. For a price, you too can jump the line and be the KING (or Queen) of the TSA. Imagine that. It really is all about money. The article on Businessweek.com tells all.


The Hip, Cool 85 Year old Dr. Maya Angelou 

This woman, Dr. Maya Angelou, at 85 is an inspiration on many levels. But she’s proven she can transcend any stigma about age, simply by her media clout. When a company like Cole Haan sees your value and comes calling, you know you’ve arrived, right?  I’m waiting…

May Angelou at 85 - COOL



Enjoy these things I enjoyed.  Mmmmppphhhuuuhhh!!!




Things We Enjoyed This Week: Shine, Steve Martin & Gold Grills

If you don’t have time to click and view a bunch of stinkin’ links and you have time for nothing else today, I would love for you to skip to the bottom to see a very important thing I enjoyed this week, from my friend Manolis: SHINE.



Steve Martin & the Steep Canyon Rangers with Edie Brickell


- Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers (and Edie Brickell)

I don’t remember if I told you that M.C. Nugget and I went to see Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers with special guest Edie Brickell at the Hollywood Bowl recently. We weren’t sure what to expect, but it was part of a “jazz” package I bought Nuggie for his birthday. It ended up being one of our favorite nights thus far in the series, though they’ve all been fab. I heard through a friend that the entire ensemble played on David Letterman that week, so I searched it out.  I was pleasantly surprised to find there is actually an album with both Steve & Edie called “Love Has Come for You.” It’s one of the things I enjoyed this week, and I think you may enjoy it too.


- Is gold in your grill a “thing” now?

You’d be surprised what I run across while sitting in front of the BIG SCREEN. This peeked my interest, but ACK. Who thinks GOLD on your teeth (or glitter, diamonds, whatever) is appealing?  To be honest, I think I’ve seen these, and my first thought was not Oh.My.God. How quickly can I get one of those gold caps on my front tooth? My first thought was Major tooth problem, and they couldn’t afford a porcelain cap, so they went for gold. Awe poor millionaire celebrity… And THEN I thought, Whew! So glad that is not me! I would DIE without my strong teeth, or my ability to eat my Cookies by Designcookies any time I want! If you do follow the link, you’ll see how WAY out of the loop I was on this. Who’dda thunk the bling-masters of the Universe would introduce bling for our teeth? But they did. And, well…let’s just say, a few people do NOT need to draw attention to their grill.  Me? I have a fabulous grill, if I do say.  So, after much thought… my dentist appointment is SET.



And if you do NOTHING else… if you click NO OTHER LINKS this week, I would like you to click the following:

Shine by Manolis Paschalidis


- “Shine” by Manolis Paschalidis

Manolis Paschalidis is a guy I’ve come to know and love from Greece. GREECE… for all its beauty and culture is sadly the place where turmoil, violence and unrest has become the norm. I’m sad to say that GREECE puts the unemployment we’ve seen in America to shame. It’s the place where the term “down turn” glibly thrown around here in recent years, when used while talking to a Greek person, is an insult. It’s even more harsh than throwing salt onto a wound … it’s more like taking the steel spikes from a pair of stilettos like these:


Steel Spiked Heels

affixing them to a baseball bat, and bashing and thrashing those spikes into that wound. It’s just like THAT.

I’d wager a bet most Grecian people would happily swap hardships with any American.

Manolis and I have never met in person. Our relationship is quintessentially that which began and was cultivated solely through social media. We met on YouTube. When I started vlogging a couple of years ago, Manolis was one of the first to watch and comment. I know that if I ever post a video on YouTube, “M” as I’ve come to call him, is there soon after with a comment.



Let that sink in. He actually WATCHES each video in its entirety and comments. And he doesn’t just say something like “great video,” no.  Manolis will quote things you’ve said in the video and LOL it or talk about it. THIS IS EXTRAORDINARY. Because of this, he’s developed a very supportive and loyal following on YouTube and in other social media realms (of which, I am included). Check him out on YouTube. BUT NOT YET.  First check out his album “SHINE” and pick up a copy, or at least a single. Let me know you did in the comments. I’d appreciate it, and I know a guy over in Greece who will be blown away.

These are some of the things we enjoyed here at the Ms. Cheevious Chocolate Grotto this week. Enjoy your upcoming week people!  Don’t forget I am here blogging every single day on the #DailyMischief, and only one post a week goes to the subscription list (this one included). Nuggie is also providing a photo of his choosing every day for the #DailyNugget. You actually have to visit the site to read these posts, and believe me… you don’t want to miss them. Enjoy.

Love you people!!!! Mmmmmmmppphhhuuuhhh!!!!


Ms. Cheevious

aka Lisa Jey Davis

Editor in [Mis]Chief


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Pudgy Doctors Floating Thru Beverly Hills

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