Techno Babe Moments – Mother’s Day: A Piper Giveaway



There’s an interesting phenomena that happens when M.C. Nugget leaves town for any period of time. I’m told by those who spend time with us that the overarching impressions are both of how much fun we have together, and of our extreme individuality. We love each other and we crack each other up, to the point of tears. I’ve almost spit my cocktail across the table in some very fancy restaurants on more than one occasion… but we each have our own taste and personalities. This, you guys, is what they say is healthy.

But when Nuggie goes out of town, you’d think we’d never been out of each other’s sight. He gets all clingy and cuddly and cutesy and stuff.


It’s a problem.

I need my space (do I really need to say “insert sarcasm” here?).

Fast forward to now (this morning he flew off to Florida to do his acting thing, and I’m here on my own, sniff sniff). It’s close to Mother’s Day, and the folks at Piper approached me to take a look at their product. They think their little device (which they allow you to name… I named ours Peeper) makes life simpler and less worrisome for moms. I agree. And I think it’s especially cool for SINGLE MOMS, because Piper allows them to keep tabs on what’s happening at home (whether the kids are chasing each other with kitchen knives or sitting quietly like little darlings, studying), right from their cell phones. This is why I’m super excited the Piper People (had to do that) graciously sent me a second unit to give away to one of YOU lucky people! (Only in the US this time… Sorry!)


My first thought for Nuggie and I, and our use for Piper was… PFFF! Now Nuggie doesn’t need to be so dang clingy… .

With Piper, M.C. Nugget can get a piece of me from 3,000 miles away.

And yeah… there’s always that vice versa thing.

It wasn’t until we installed it, and I was using it on my phone, we realized that his phone wouldn’t also connect to the device. At least not in the few seconds we tried to do that.

But here is the run down on Piper:

Piper in the BoxPiper on the Shelf

  1. It’s a home security and home safety device that you connect to with your smart phone via the Piper Mobile app.
  2. It has three security modes: Stay Mode, Away Mode and Vacation Mode.
  3. It has a panic button so you can get help right away.
  4. It has a live viewing button, so you can see what’s happening in its viewer’s range at any time.
  5. For each mode, you have settings to choose from, in the event motion, a loud sound, or a change in temperature is detected: They are:
    1. Record a Video
    2. Notify Me
    3. Notify Trusted Circle
    4. Sound Siren
  6. You only have to add batteries to the unit and you’re ready to go. It’s a very simple and easy set up.
  7. Possible uses: Checking on your slightly grown kids, spying on your lover (did I just say that??? NOOOO…), observing a new babysitter in action, monitoring your house while away… so, so many uses!
  8. And, it works like a charm!

I tested Piper while Nuggie was here in town, and it was eery just how much sound and visual it picked up. I also tested it this morning on myself. It was sheer, utter, silliness, and mayhem. With Nuggie gone there is no one to pull in the reigns, you guys. I’m sorry! But you can see the absurdity (and get another entry to win the unit) by watching (and commenting on) the video here.

Here is how to WIN:

You get one entry into the random drawing for commenting here on the blog, and you get one entry for commenting on the video here. Winner will be chosen on Mother’s Day and announced soon after that here on the blog. YOU CAN WIN THIS FOR SOMEONE YOU LOVE. Just say so in the comment and have their address handy because, if you win, the unit will ship directly to them.

An EXTRA ENTRY for Single Moms:

If you are a single mom, just say so in either of your comments, and you’ll get an additional entry. Sorry folks! Single moms can use this little guy for free more than most! (If you are trying to win this for a single mom you know and love, you must state that in your comment and her first name. The unit will be shipped to that person, so be ready with their address, in case you win!)


Here are some more photos… You know… what comes in the box, as well as some screen shots from the app, itself.


Piper on the Window Piper Package

Panic ScreenScreenshot_2015-05-03-20-42-28



Good luck everyone! And HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Winner will be chosen on or after 11:59 PM on Sunday, May 10, 2015!

Don’t forget to see the corresponding video review HERE (you get another entry for commenting there)!





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