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Your guess is as good as mine

I couldn’t really make this out in the dark, from across the street, but it intrigued me. And really – your guess …

Not the flash

Or the green flash, rather. But close enough. And right outside my door at the beach.     ~ The Nugg

Here are two of the better ones

Comedians, that is. Laurel and Hardy, to be exact. Look them up. Here, they’re on a graffiti ridden mural in Venice Beach, …

Pretty and pink

What do you do when your girlfriend turns into a celebra-stalker and asks P!NK to take a photo with her? You smile, …

Schizophrenic football

M.C. (as in EM-CEE) Nugget cannot decide which team is more important on Sundays… The New Orleans Saints or the New England …

I do this daily

It was a usual Saturday morning by the beach…. M.C. Nugget was itching to get out of the house, prodding me to …

Captions: SAG Awards Red Carpet

We can’t have the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards slip by without a little fun-poking-shenanigans, so let’s do some captions: SAG Awards red …

Mammoth Mountain Moments: My Plan for the Existence of Humanity

These are some profound thoughts, or “moments” I’m sharing with you people. It doesn’t get much better than this. Plus – the music is cool, once again. AND – I think you will AGREE that my plan for the existence of humanity is pretty cool… and ONE person who comes up with their own rendition of the “product” in question and posts in on my FACEBOOK page wins $25 bucks! YEEHAW!

I Heart Vegas… Mostly

Where Ms. Cheevious gives a play-by-play of the birthday celebration she threw for her man M.C. Nugget in Vegas. Good AND Bad. <3 Subscribe! & Like!

No News IS Good.

Where Ms. Cheevious has absolutely no news – and that is GOOD. Plus a list of things she is SO very grateful for… Read it people!

Hot Bikini Chicks = Top Celebrities

Where Ms. Cheevious gives a review of (and her ideas on the success of) a Bikini clad event, which brought in some surprising a-list celebrities. Fun, fun.

A Woman’s Needs

Hellooooo all my fabulous friends out there in Ms. Cheevious-land!  A good friend sent the following list of women’s needs to me, …

Goose Hunting on the Farm

Well okay – it was Beverly Farms, MA to be exact, and we  weren’t really “hunting” for any sort of “Goose” animal, …

Who’s The Boss Now?

A few weeks ago, my man (now revealed to the whole world, at long last, as the famous rapper, M. C. Nugget) and …