I'm a GREAT mom


#DailyMischief Click to leave a reply   I’ve said this before… that my other boyfriend has 27 inches. It’s true. M.C. Nugget …

When Ms. Cheevious is in Retrograde

My Own Personal Retrograde

#DailyMischief #TheFunny Click to leave a reply   The other day, as M.C. Nugget and I sauntered over to our local watering hole, …

War at the Greek Theatre 2015

This means war

This is all about music. Get ready to be schooled on some old, great music, people. Saturday night M.C. Nugget took me to the Greek to …

Beach Bagel, Beach Flower

There is nothing else

Just another day at the beach. Originally posted on Lisa Jey’s Instagram as a series.   #DailyNugget

Mack's Fish Camp, Florida

Skeeters from Hell

#TheFunny #DailyMischief Shortly after running the Piper home security system giveaway contest (which ended on Mother’s Day), M.C. Nugget flew me out to Ft. Lauderdale to visit …

Puff the Magic Girlfriend aka Lisa Jey Davis

This time it will stick

#TheFunny   Click to leave a reply   Some could argue that my blog isn’t really for mommies because my kids are grown and my stories aren’t …