Sh*t Girls Say — If They’re Ms. Cheevious

I’ll admit. I had to do it. I cannot watch something like “Shit Girls Say,” which is so hysterically funny without thinking, ‘HOLY CRAP that sounds an awful lot like a sweeter version of me!’ I’m sure that’s what was intended.

But I think I’m pretty funny. Is that bad?  I’m pretty harmless in my narcissistic view of my hilariousness. I simply crack myself up. What harm is there in that? I’m sure I turn some heads as I walk past folks in the market or on the street chuckling out loud at something I just said out loud to myself, but who is it hurting? That’s all I wanna’ know.  A little nuttiness never hurt anyone.  As a matter of fact, my man M.C. Nugget and I make a habit of exhibiting nutty and weird behavior on a regular basis.

Before I get rolling on that whole tangent, let me get to the point of this post.  I think you will really laugh (or at the very least, mildly chuckle) at the first clip I have for you – my muse, if you will, when it came to putting together “Shit Girls Say if They’re Ms. Cheevious”… And then you’ll see that very video (and either laugh, cry, or mildly chuckle).

The difference between the two is that the first was professionally produced.  It was also scripted and performed by a dude in a chick’s wig, who is very funny, alongside a star – like – um, JULIETTE LEWIS.  You’ll know her when you see her.

My clip is REAL SHIT. Things I said without being prompted, which were caught on video.

After you’ve enjoyed both of these short clips, I have a little project we can ALL participate in.

I’d like for you to help me write a new video via the COMMENTS section on this post, which WILL be scripted and performed by a few of my best and hottest gal pals (also actresses). It will be called Shit Ms. Cheevious Girls say.  If we get some great phrases here, when it is up on YouTube, I will enable ads on the video, and any proceeds made from those ads we’ll donate to a charity of our choice (we’ll vote on that when the time comes).

Watch, Enjoy, and put your thinking caps on.  I’ll throw out some suggestions after the clips to get the ball rolling in your brains.


If you can’t see the above Youtube window in your browser, please click here


Again, if you can’t view the above video window in your browser, click here


Now, in terms of coming up with comments.  This video will be scripted, and I’d like to use my “Girls” as some inspiration.  By that I mean the girls in my paintings, which you can see some of them here on my website (left border) or those I will actually use are here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150193003761734.291906.119215056733&type=3.

The “Girls” all have names, and I’d like to give them personalities.  If you’re inclined feel free to specify who would “say” your comment.  I’ll hand pick some gorgeous girlfriends who are also actresses to represent some of the girls and act these out.  Here are some ideas that have been thrown around for Shit Ms. Cheevious Girls Say, and remember:  You MUST think Ms. Cheevious-ly.  And think about all areas of life – health, fitness, medical, career, leisure, entertainment.  Whatever!  And remember:  Ms. Cheevious girls are EMPOWERED, INDEPENDENT, LOVING, FUN girls.  So here are just a couple to get you started!

1.  Does this dress make me look too skinny?

2. Do you remember that thingy that I wanted to BLOG about?

3. O.M.G. Girlfriend!!!!

4. AAAAAAAHHHHHH (screaming & jumping up and down because they find JAMESON’S or Grey Goose Vodka on sale at the grocery store).

5. Dude your boobs look GOOD in that!

If you want to see more specific phrases that we are USING, I’m compiling them on a private note on Facebook, and can share them upon request.  Just ask! Now put your minds into high gear, and let’s all create a really FANTASTIC video, shall we?  You will get credit (you’ll be credited as you are listed here on the blog, if we use your quote) in the video credits, so get rolling.  Put those ultra witty, razor sharp, naughty, nice, sweet, funny thoughts down below!  I can’t wait!

Then, boys and girls, stay tuned next time for something entirely different.

Love you people!!!!! Mmmmmmppppphhhuuuhhhh!!!!


Ms. Cheevious


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19 Responses to “Sh*t Girls Say — If They’re Ms. Cheevious”

  1. Blueyess

    DOES THIS DRESS MAKE ME LOOK SKINNY????? Are you NUTS? I want if if it does!

    • MsCheevious

      @ Blu – That’s why it’s a Ms. Cheevious type of comment. Think about it… if someone has big boobies and looks voluptuous and LIKES that about herself, then something making her look too skinny would be a bad thing… Get it? :)

  2. M.C. Nugg

    HA! OK….. I feel a production coming! How about….. “My boobies are FUN”! (don’t know where I heard that) 😉

  3. Laura

    You f*#*#ing crack me up!!! Ha! Now you’ve totally gone all Santa Monica! Love you!

  4. Laura

    Is that you singing!? I really think it’s you singing! do you carry sex toys with you or stop on the way? Where IS Fred anyway? Funny shit chica!

    • MsCheevious

      @laura – where are you hearing the singing? You mean at the very end? Yes. with a voice modification… because I really want a different song with someone rapping, but this is what I could put together in a pinch…

  5. janine

    I love the one with the guy. Very very amusing. You’re onto something there!

  6. Angie

    lol!! So funny! I also think I am the funniest bitch alive!!! hehehehehe! And I love the videos. Thanks for the Monday laughs!

  7. Manolis

    SHIT GIRLS SAY: “I love chocolate but i like sex better”

    ” I LOVE…ME .”.* and the a gentle and tender kiss to your hand*

  8. kris m

    Ok here are a few that I thought of… you bring out the naughty in me – ha ha

    My rabbit is out of batteries, can I borrow some?

    I was soo naughty the cop asked to borrow MY handcuffs

    luscious…luscious lips (read slowly with closeup of lips)

    I love strip clubs – where do you think I learn all my moves

    what do you mean there’s no room for my pole in your bedroom? No sexy dance for you

  9. Dirty In Public

    You know I have a few for you!

    *My heart is an open bottle.

    *If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by me.

    *Hey, want to play truth or dare?

    *Dirty Introduction: “Lisa meet Michael. He likes hiking and cyber-porn almost as much as you do. ”

    *Dirty Toast: “Here’s to the Naughty Girl’s in the room,
    Naughty from the moment they left the womb.
    May they stay naughty for the rest of their days
    And always play in dirty, MsCheevious ways!”

  10. James

    I’ve seen this and I think it’s hilarious. On that note I also thing that the entire concept of “shit ____ says” as become timed. However, once I get my new camera I’m going to make one of these videos and I promise you it will be nothing like you’ve ever seen before lol


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