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Okay Rupert Murdoch: hopefully you’re not in jail for phone hacking, because I may need your help.

There’s a new media upstart in town and she’s… of all things… using her REAL NAME (cue scare chord, as they say in music/film).

I confess.  She happens to be the creator of this website, the Ms. Cheevious book, the YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook page and well — ME.  But STILL!  Will she stop at nothing?

I suppose not, because here, this is MY blog, and I’m spreading the word like a pawn in her sinister game of chess.  The goal?  World domination, no doubt.  And, I can’t — re–zist— tell–ing… (grunt) you– about — (moan) — the  —  #%!/  — new — YouTube channel!!!  Whew!!! (Exhausted).

So here it is – her first video on her (read with sarcasm) NEW Channel! Neener neener neener & La-Di-friggin-Dah:

If you can’t see the video box above, click here or copy/paste this link into a browser window:

Go there NOW, would you?  No one can predict what she’ll do to me (or any of us) if you don’t!

I’m told this is a Vlog site – so no shows or comedy.  But if you ask me she’s a real crack pot – I mean – crack up all on her own.

Lemme know what you think you gorgeous men and women!

Love you people!!!!! Mmmmppphhhuuuhhh!!!


Ms. Cheevious


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