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Vegas: Photos of Photos

When one is in Las Vegas, life everywhere else is put on hold. That said, even though I have no business sitting …

In a Perfect World

Where Ms. Cheevious describes her life in a perfect world: Sans bugs, insects… anything creepy-crawly.

Captions: SAG Awards Red Carpet

We can’t have the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards slip by without a little fun-poking-shenanigans, so let’s do some captions: SAG Awards red …

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…. OR… Yes, You Probably DO Eat Too Much

Problem is, if you enter the New Year with the same mindset you exited the last one, will anything really change? Since the fairy godmother didn’t show up and give you those gorgeous (but look really uncomfortable) glass slippers and the prince isn’t coming to sweep you off your feet, or even sweep your floor, what will change? What will be different in your life that will allow you to reach your goals?

Now That We Snuck By the Apocalypse

Since the world did not end on December 21, 2012, and planet earth is now safe (yeah right) and sound (yeah right), we can all go back to grieving the loss of Pluto.

The Weather Does Not Comply

Not in the Fall or in the Spring. It won’t comply for anything. It will not change its course. Not from a car, or on a horse. Comply it will not do. Not even just for you.

My Life in Real Time, A.B.E.

Sh*t just got real for me. I can wax Ms. Cheevious (empowered, frivolous, free-spirited) all I want, but if someone brings the shit to me, well they’re gonna’ get Ms. Cheevious with a whole boat load of Lisa J. backing her up.

The Real Boob Tube

In which Ms. Cheevious tells a gruesome tale for the festivities of October… but it’s really in honor of something much more important.

Inner Giggle Override

Thursday night was the opening of the play “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” the masterpiece by Tennessee Williams, in which my …