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I had the unbelievable good fortune and pleasure of trying NERIUM night cream over the last few months. I was going about my days putting the stuff on, not really thinking much about it, when one day I realized my skin just looked tighter and smoother. I also realized that I’d not been bothering to wear makeup or cover up around my wrinkled smile-lines, which had become the norm for me. I even posted a photo on my Facebook profile bragging about it (click here to view it).

Yep, I was SOLD. But you see, I hadn’t bought a thing. Pure and Bright Skin (my niece, to be exact… Full disclosure here) agreed to let me try the stuff for a couple of months, because she was SURE I would love it. I only agreed to try it and share it here if, in the event I did love the stuff, she would offer the same two month trial to one of YOU.

Here are a couple of my before and after photos, but know this: Nerium also evens out skin tone and is known to repair damaged skin and clear blemishes. So if your face is reddish in tone, Nerium may brighten it up a bit. These photos have not been retouched:

Before and after mouth on Nerium Before and After Eyes

If you aren’t in the know about Nerium, or you’re just skeptical, here are some VERY REAL before and after images of more Pure and Bright clients:
Pure and Bright Skin results on Nerium Male results after 7 days
 The man in the photo above, had his after photos taken after seven days. Is this stuff the BOMB or what?
Another male on Nerium - Great results
And remember that thing about how Nerium evens out the skin tone and clears blemishes?
Evening skin tones and clearing blemishes
So my loves, here is your chance.


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Good luck everyone!

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