For those times when losing doesn’t suck

I’ve learned that the most brilliant ideas and life’s funniest moments happen when you least expect it.

Also, I do not need alcohol to wax brilliant… or funny.

Imagine that.

That said, it’s officially NFL Season; the time of year when M.C. Nugget pays good money to join an NFL football pool. I’m not at all against this. In fact, I’m totally FOR winning. It’s the losing part that bites.

So, when Nuggie and I went out to our neighborhood bar for some football action, we had every intention to enjoy the slaughter of the Denver Broncos by the Baltimore Ravens (the reigning Superbowl champions), even though the game was played in Denver. Our intentions were due to the fact that Nuggie did not “pick” the Broncos who were favored by seven points. It would have been OKAY if the Ravens lost… they just couldn’t allow the Broncos to win by more than seven.



Mystery Science Theatre


There is a point to this that has nothing to do with football.  If you aren’t a football fan, it’s okay. I’ll break it down for you. The Ravens lost. Like the WORST loss any team can almost EVER, in a gajillion years, lose by. This didn’t bode well for our NFL watching experience. It certainly didn’t stroke our spiritual egos either, since we sent every kind of positive intention and telepathic mojo out to the Ravens to stop dropping the ball, to crush the Broncos who had the ball, and to actually SCORE points.

As a result Nuggie, our friend Bogey and I were given to sheer utter silliness. We joked, made faces, even reenacted the especially funny parts more than once. This aided in turning the evening into an overall pleasant experience… a miracle, people, trust me.

But then I had the brilliant idea: Remember Mystery Science Theatre 3000? We’ll do that for football and call it The REAL NFL BS. All we need is a camera crew so people can see and hear everything first hand and experience the brilliance. Funny how a camera crew always seems to be required when we’re at a bar. Huh… At least we can’t blame the alcohol this time.

But you see? Losing doesn’t always suck.