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Okay, okay.  You want dish on Miami?  I’ll give you a dish.

Even though I’ve had soooo many other fantastic experiences since Miami,  I’m going to dig WAY back into the archives of my brain and serve up a dish you will never forget.

But here’s how it’s going down.  There were so many awesome events, parties, mishaps, etc…  too many to really go into here.  You’d be here all day!  I’m just going to give you headlines – kinda like Jay Leno – and let your imagination run wild.

1. Front of Line Card at Hard Rock Cafe

2. Full Contact Football with Half Naked Chicks & Los Angeles Temptation WINS!
M.C. Nugget in Tears

3. Penthouse & Lingerie Football League VIP Party
Party of Four Gets in Free on M.C. Nugget’s Star Moniker.  Grey Goose Open Bar.  We Save 500 Bucks a Piece.
(Ms. Cheevious in Tears)

4. Eighteen Year Old Shot Girls – In Lingerie
M.C. Still in Tears & Weeping Openly Now

5. Finnegan’s On the Water. And the Saints Fans! They’re Everywhere! They’re Everywhere!  Boats With Saints Fans!
Bathrooms Full of Saints Fans!
M.C. Nugget in All Manner of Saints Gear.

6. VIP Party With The Gang from “Jersey Shore“to Watch the Game.
M.C. Nugget Now Annoyed That This is What His Star Meter Pulled In.

M.C. Nugget in Tears.  Says “this must be what having a child feels like.”
And “Jersey Shore” is Now M.C.’s Favorite Show.

8. Ms. Cheevious Breaks Into Sexy Dancing on The Stage When Blackeyed Peas’ “Tonight’s Gonna’ Be a Good Night” Comes On

9. The Party Continues at Tobacco Road – Downtown Miami

10. Sleeping in a Hybrid: Stupid Hybrids.  They’re Suppose to Be ALL Battery! Friggin’ Toyota. No Wonder.

11. Triple A Rocks in Downtown Miami

12. Sleeping All Day After Saints’ Victory

13. Storytelling on the Patio

14. I Love Virgin America

So – there you have it.  Pictures to follow. But that’s all I got for ya right now.  Now, if you want me to tell you some stories from the past two weeks – I may be able to elaborate some. And then there was last night…

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend my beautiful boys and girls!

Love you people!  Mmmmmmmphhhuuhhh!!!


Ms. Cheevious


Don’t be Shy!  Leave a Reply!

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