Don’t ever stop trying

Don’t ever stop trying   


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I have been a single mom for much of my mothering lifetime (aside from the 12 years I was married and living with my ex, of course, but I was single mommy before marriage, and obviously afterward again). I was the mommy, the daddy, coach, tutor, confidant, cop, friend and anyone or thing else my sons ever needed. If my kids needed a guy to tell goofy, silly potty-humor jokes to, well I was their guy… to a certain extent.

Because I can relate to the struggles all single moms face, I am sympathetic to them. So, I have a soft spot in my heart for struggling single mommies.

“So what,” you say, “Single moms are pretty much the majority these days, right? And there are tons of people supporting and helping single moms.”

You know, you’re right.

But you see, most people help single moms with advice on parenting, or paying the bills or finishing their college degree. All very worthy areas of need for these mommies. And I like to help out where I can in those areas on occasion as well.

But I don’t know anyone offering the kind of help I think is crucial for single moms.


Single moms must never forget that they are SINGLE. I want them to understand that just because their responsibilities at home quadrupled when they got a divorce, or their kid’s daddy left, or maybe even right when they gave birth, it does not mean they stopped being a red-blooded female with all the wants, desires and needs that go with the territory!

In the interest of helping a sistah out, I found and am sharing this check list I compiled before apps or the internet were readily available. Every single mom should have something like this at her fingertips, to ensure that one of the most under-served parts of her body (otherwise known as her libido) gets some attention, and STAT.

I’ve filled in the blanks, where you would normally keep your own information, but you can see, it’s not about having an actual check list, it’s about being organized, having essential information at your fingertips and always being ready with the supplies you need should the occasion arise.

Hot Moms Check List

These days, single mommy ladies gotta’ be friggin’ BOY SCOUTS if they ever want to get lucky and/or have an adult life. As they say, you’ve got to BE PREPARED.

Get those resources together… all of the people you can think of that will help you in your time of “need,” and that includes hot men (even if they’re just friends, because we all know hot men beget hot girls, which in turn attracts MORE HOT MEN). My personal fave from the check list? Jean Paul (tres Francais) the cute soccer coach.

Come on girls. Even if you have daughters, they’ve got coaches and friends with daddies who are single don’t they?! Be on the lookout!

Remember ladies: Every single one of you is HOT. We humans are all hot in one way or another. So embrace your hotness, and get busy getting lucky! You’ll be glad you did it for yourself, but believe it or not, your kids will benefit as well!


I know that there are some days, weeks, months (maybe even whole years – really?) when the kids’ needs are simply too great, and you’re exhausted just trying to keep up.

Just don’t ever give up. Don’t ever stop trying.

You heard it here first.


The Mom Factor will be a brief synopsis of what each post means for single moms (or moms in general). Look for it.

#MomFactor: If your kids grow up to be in your shoes one day (though it’s not always ideal, it could happen), wouldn’t you want them to have a life and get out there and meet people? Teach your kids to value themselves. Teach them to respect themselves.

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