Surf and Turf Baby!

1. Fred the Wonder Chicken and I were talking about Paul Newman and how his death was such a great loss to our world. 

Me:  He was such a solid guy.  He and his wife were married for so long. 
FWC:  Yeah. You know he was the one who coined the phrase, “Why go out for hamburger, when you have steak at home?  He was a great man.”
Me:  It’s so true, though.
Me:  But – it’s okay to bring a little shrimp home once in a while isn’t it?
FWC:  (Choked up) Your gonna’ make me cry, now.

FWC & Ms. Cheevious Talk About Paul Newman
FWC & Ms. Cheevious Talk About Paul Newman

Here, FWC is revealed for the first time.  In an earlier shot, I asked the question, “Which one is Fred?” as two chickens were present. Now the whole world knows.  Sorry Fred!

2.  Of course, I had to qualify the shrimp statement by saying “I’m ALWAYS the steak.” And now that I am on the subject, let me just say, this is not something I’ve ever even done before.  So, you old-school types can rest easy.  I just pride myself in being open to new things, and well – I have a deep appreciation for beauty in women – and wow – there is a lot of it out there!  So there you have it! I’m not crossing over to the other side or anything – just expressing myself. Besides, FWC brings out those quick-witted responses in me.  He is so freakin’ hilarious, I can’t help myself!  Plus – remember – Ms. Cheevious NEVER says anything she doesn’t mean. And hey – I mean it.  I really like shrimp!

3. FWC quickly allayed my dire need to explain myself and be understood by saying, “I get it baby!  Surf and Turf all the way!”

4.  A few days later, I was making my Asian Spring rolls for FWC at my house.  I had the mixture in the pan when he walked in and said with a happy voice, “Awe!  You made shrimp!” and laughed.  My Spring rolls, coincidentally, contain shrimp.  “Of course I did!” I said, without missing a beat.

5. We were at a party another time after that, where a gal and I were having a good time dancing together. I think she was very serious about me – as opposed to me – I just love to play and have fun.  She approached FWC, who exchanged a few words with her.  Later, I said to him, “Just remember: I am always the STEAK.”  He hugged me warmly and said, “You are ALL STEAK, baby.”  Awe.  A man after my own heart – calling me steak.  He’s so romantic!

6.  At the same party was a very cool couple – who I am pretty sure also liked me in that special way.  I said to FWC, “Don’t they know I am always the steak? I can never be the shrimp?”

With that, I will leave you my pretties.  Stay tuned next week when I think I will talk about a little dinner party with Spyglass and company (I haven’t decided yet.  Who knows what it’ll be?  I may even surprise myself!). 

Have a beautiful, lovely weekend everyone!

Love you people!!!  Mmmmmppphhhuuuuhhhhh!!!

Ms. Cheevious

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