Seeking Inspiration

I need help.

I went out by myself this evening in search of inspiration.  I know.  Sad.

It’s the weekend before Halloween as well as the big costume night at all the bars, pubs and night-spots here in the big lights, big ciy of Moab, Utah.  (YES, we are still here.  I do love it, but I must admit, I’m getting desert fever… I need something girly, and quick…!!)

My solo adventure wasn’t always supposed to be that.  My boyfriend originally planned to come out with me.  I planned to get dressed up as Guinavere, and drag him along, when he began dropping hints that he wasn’t feeling well.

I’m not convinced it was all purely physical.  Most men I’ve known have trouble letting their hair down and wearing costumes (role-playing nymphos, aside). It is quite possible that my man could be mentally disturbed over the notion of what he deems to be “playing dress up.” He is a hard-core rock-climber, after all (And I’m not kidding. He’s a hot, hard-bodied man… yesiree…).

This is my man… wooo – hooo…..

I tried everything to get him into the costume spirit, too.  I said I would dress up in my Guinevere costume, and he could come as he is, and cary around a piece of rock-climbing gear.  I would stay in character, British accent and all, and claim to be searching for Camelot.  He would, in turn, produce his camelot (no, not that – but said rock-climbing gear!!) and thus, be my hero!  How easy is that?  No dice. He just did not feel well.  So, I offered a compromise.  We’d been planning to drive back to Aspen to meet with some clients this week, so I suggested we drive out closer to Halloween.  Aspen, Colorado comes to LIFE on Halloween.  Sure, the kiddies all dress up and go trick-or-treating, but I’d wager to say Halloween in Aspen is more for the adults (to clarify for those who suffer from Peter-Pan or Tinker Bell Syndrome: adults = those over 21).  It’s tradition. Upscale restaurants and bars clear out all their tables, fly DJ’s in from around the globe, and the town plays all night long.

Sounds like everyday Aspen, I know.  Aspen’s nightlife is famous for never letting up.  But people take Halloween seriously there.  They spare no expense, nor amount of creativity on their costumes.  It’s something to experience, at least once.  I’d compare it to Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Carnivale in Brazil, but I’m sure that’s just going too far…  isn’t it?

Once I knew we’d be in Aspen for its holy of holidays, I decided to get to work.  I needed a costume, and some inspiration.  NOW.  All my girlfriends plan to dress up as Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (they always do those theme group costumes), and I canNOT wear something I’ve already worn (Guinavere is out – as it was an Aspen inspiration).  The first time I met this group of friends, I was Guinavere and they were all naughty cops.  It was pretty funny… me in my long velvet gown, while my new pals were parading around in a blizzard (yep, snow is common on Halloween in Aspen) in their hot pants and fishnet stockings…

There I stand (or huddle) in the middle of a bunch of naughty female cops… oh and Bo Peep and a Sexy Pirate…  too funny!! I love those girls!

So, tonight I went to the neighborhood Moab “hot spot” in search of the latest and greatest costumes.  I learned something:  Small town does not equal Halloween creativity.  Go figure. Ya’d think all that pent-up creativity would leak out into the collective consciousness and filter through into the social scene – especially on a holiday that celebrates such creativity.  No, no and no.  I guess in Moab, the costumes run the variety of everyday, small-town USA.  Blood, gore, blood, vampires, blood, french maids, etc…

Needless to say, I wasn’t inspired. Not so much.  I paid for my one drink at the bar (to get around that whole “awe… that poor older single woman, here all by herself” thing, I sat at the bar and pretended to be very interested in the outcome of the Red Sox / Rockies game that was on the bar tv.  I didn’t fool anyone though.  I tried to make small talk with a couple of locals, by saying really sports-enthusiast things like “So, if the Rockies lose this, are they out?”  I TOTALLY thought the games being played here were the pre-world-series games, to decide who goes to the World Series.  When I looked a little closer I saw that the World Series was ON….  and gee… the Rockies made it to the World Series!).

It wasn’t all for naught though.  Just as I was getting ready to pay my tab, the bartender informed me of a guy at the other end of the bar who wanted to buy me a drink.  It redeemed the whole escapade for me, to say the least.  It actually brought to mind a question asked by Single Mom Seeking, of “Can a Single Mom have a Boy Toy?” To which I answered yes – with conditions…  Not that I was looking for a boy toy… god no. But since I am enamored, enthralled and in love with my beautiful man, this guy’s offer actually startled me, and caused the flight mechanism to kick into gear!  What is that all about??  I told the bartender to say thanks, but that I was leaving.  Then I ran home to my honey, as fast as my legs could carry me.

I went out by myself in Moab tonight seeking inspiration, when what I think I needed was a muse.

So, here I am – seeking inspiration.  Will you be my muse?

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