Goose Hunting on the Farm

Well okay – it was Beverly Farms, MA to be exact, and we  weren’t really “hunting” for any sort of “Goose” animal, per se (by “we” I mean M.C. Nugget’s family friend Kitty and I).  I’ll explain in a sec.

But first – if you are new here – WELCOME ABOARD the Ms. Cheevious Express – heh heh. Once you board, you will never get off (no pun intended)! 

This blog serves up a weekly yummy Hollywood dish:  the inside scoop on what real – life hollywood actors, producers, entertainment sorts and the people they hang with do on a daily basis.  I just happen to find myself involved (sometimes accidentally) much of the time.  Are you old enough to remember the Lucy Show, or young enough to have seen it on Nick at Night? Well, think the Lucy Show for 2009, and add a few RockStar beverages in there, and you get the idea.

Plus, my relationship with my boyfriend, M.C. Nugget (an actor who many of you have seen – you just don’t know it, because hey, someone’s identity has to be protected on this zany blog) has only helped to fuel my already juicy life!  But I do protect the identity of the people in my life and in this blog. 

HOWEVER, if you are famous and carrying on in public, and if I see you, or happen to have some interaction, then guess what?  You don’t get an alias or protected identity here.  Your real name will be used, because hey – otherwise, why would people read this blasted thing?  Now, on to the story. 

As you know, from the story of my trip back east in “Manhattan Transfer,” I accompanied my man Nuggie back to NYC and then to his home town of Manchester, Massachusetts to spend the Fourth of  July with his family.  We did, and as you know, it was a blast.

What you don’t know is that on the Fourth, Nuggie’s mom, Spicy Nugget (I call her Sporty Spice though, for her total dedication to staying athletic and in shape, even in her 70’s) had a little party for her brood, and for their best-friend family, the Catson’s.  She made lasagna, and there was so much food, we all ate and just rolled around the patio, then rolled back inside for cocktails, or cake or whatever else our heart desired, then rolled back outside for family pictures and good times.  Fun fun. 

Then it was time to trek over to Beverly Farms to watch fireworks on West Beach. 

When we got there, however, Kitty Catson (Kit Cat, of course) and I realized we were thirsty, and we hadn’t thought (like all the other revelers there) to bring a cooler of refreshments. 

Now, if you know me, and if you have read my blog long enough, you can guess what happened.  I saw this as an opportunity to meet new people and – BONUS – get a glass of wine or something in the process. That’s how it works in LA LA land, anyway – at least in my little, tiny world. There were TONS of people having their little parties on their little balconies that lined up the little street along the beach.  I thought at least ONE of them had to have some extra wine or something, right? At the very minimum, they would offer me a Diet Coke or something, certainly!

Everyone – I repeat – EVERY ONE of the Nuggets and Catsons doubted my ability to make friends and get any sort of libations or even regular beverages out of them.  I decided they might be onto something, being natives of the east coast and all.  So I asked Nuggie for cash.  I figured money talks, and I could offer to buy a glass of wine, if necessary. Then I set out on my little adventure.

I have to tell you people – believe it or not, I got discouraged at first!  Yep.  I visited THREE HOUSES.  I received wicked, holier-than-thou or at the very least “I’m from Radcliffe and graduated from Harvard, dahhhling.  And who are you?” looks, from the plump, frumpy women leaning over the balconies, sloshing their over-filled wine glasses in my face.  I could see that their men were bored out of their minds and wanted to say “YES, YES, somebody please give this girl some WINE!”  if only to have a good story to tell, but they dared not.  So, I went back to my group with my tail between my legs. 

It was then that Kitty Cat and I became friends for life.  She said, “Follow me.  We’ll find us something to drink.”  And so I did. 

We too went to a couple of different houses, and received some strange looks from people.  She was walking up to them and saying, “Hey there!  Can we buy a glass of wine from you?” When I had this BRILLIANT idea!  I decided we needed to be damsels in distress! So I said, “Hey, don’t offer to buy so quick.  Let me handle this!” 

So, we walked up to our (now) good friend Max’s house and looked up at this little group of stylish women talking to him.  “Pardon me,” I said demurely, “I wonder if you could help us.  We completely forgot to bring our cooler with us, and we would be so grateful if we might be able to get a glass of water or something else to drink from you folks?”  Immediately, Max said, “I’ll be right down.” 

He greeted us at the front door of his lovely home and walked us straight into the kitchen and his bar.  “So, what made the two of you come over here?” he asked, and I proceeded to tell him the story. 

We all laughed, and I asked, “Well, what made you say yes?” and he said, “I just had to give a drink to someone so gutsy as to ask for it!” And that was it!

Kit Cat and I walked triumphantly back to our group with two giant red cups filled with Grey Goose Vodka and Soda — enough to share with everyone. 

Now THAT put a little spark into our fourth, for sure! 

I am off this evening to the Hollywood Bowl with Nuggie who was invited by Venice Magazine!  Then, tomorrow is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of meeting each other!  Can you believe it!  Craziness, eh?

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!  And don’t try to hunt the Goose.  It will find YOU!

Love you people!  Mmmmmmmphhhhhuuuuhhhhh!


Ms. Cheevious


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