Techno-Babe Moments Anyone?

So I started these Techno Babe moments.  I don’t think I shared them with everyone, except perhaps on Facebook.  Anyway, I started doing this, because – well, I’m known for being a bit of a GEEK.  Yup.  You heard it here.


But seriously.  The cool thing about MY techno-babe moments is that they will strip away the fear and mystique from such Techy acronyms as U-R-L, and bring the TRUE meaning of “I need more RAM” into focus!  I’ll make it so simple, even your granny who still swears by the paper-back version of her yellow pages, will become a techno babe!  It’s true.  My techno babe moments do NOT discriminate.

So here it is. My first ever, Techno-Babe Moment – where I analyze in VERY EASY TERMS, the iPhone app called “ANTI-MOUSTIQUE” (an “app” is something that makes the iPhone (or other products made by that company – APPLE) be able to tell you things, or do things for you, so that other people think you are really smart or very cool).  ANTI-MOUSTIQUE professes, when it is on and activated, to emit a sound frequency that insects – mostly mosquitos – cannot handle.  When hearing this frequency, insects are suppose to FLEA (ha ha – no pun intended) – I mean, FLEE.  I tested it.  And you can trust me.  I’m a BUG magnate.

Check it out please.  And please go to YOUTUBE, subscribe to my channel and posts comments. Let’s tell the WORLD about this AWESOME new show of mine called Techno-Babe Moments! 🙂

And if your browser or email (for subscribers) doesn’t allow for you to SEE this AWESOME youtube window here… Well, use your little mousy-thingy and point it at the underlined text below – then CLICK (it’s the stuff right below here that looks like a bunch of math code or something):

And it looks like this:

Techno Babe!

There you are!  YAY!  You are fast on your way to joining me in TECHNO-BABE BLISS.

That’s it people!  Have a FABULOUS week, and don’t BYTE off more than you can chew!  (Yuck yuck…)

Love you people!!!! MMMMMPHHHUUUHHHH!!!


Ms. Cheevious


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