On Getting Freebies

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Are you kidding? Lemme just say that Ms. Cheevious is all about the freebies lately, kiddos.

When it seems that all people can talk about is “doom and gloom” incessantly, at some point ya’ gotta cry “UNCLE!” and run – don’t walk – for the nearest free thing that crosses your path!

I’m not kidding folks – at least not about the plethora of free stuff out there.  In this day and age, with taxes climbing, salaries stalled or disappearing, and people tightening their purse strings to the point of asphyxiation, any leg up is a welcome friend.

So, I’ve provided a list of some places that have dished out the free stuff recently.  Why, you ask?  Perhaps you are thinking, “WHY MS. Cheevious?   Why must you TAUNT us with the freebies that cross your path?  These things do not happen in (insert your city/town here)!”  Well, I don’t buy it (ha ha – no kidding).  You too can generate and be aware of FREE STUFF in your own backyard.  But you gotta look for it and use a little ingenuity.  You also have to be willing to GET OUT THERE.  This, for some of you, is no small task.  I know, I know.  Sometimes it’s just easier to stay home and watch television and get comfortable.  The idea of getting somewhat dressed up to get out there and indulge in a few free things at times can be a bit exhausting!  Well, boo hoo hoo.  Cry me a river.  If you want the free stuff, you have to put in a little effort people!  So here you go:  

  • MUSEUMS, GALLERIES, OTHER MISCELLANEOUS LOCALES:  The surf shop down the block from M.C.’s house in Santa Monica set up a pickup truck with a barbecue grill on the back, and started handing out free hotdogs and hamburgers one Saturday.  It didn’t take long for a line to form down the block, and for their shop to get all kinds of traffic as a result.  I’ve also been to the mall before when other places were giving away pizza, free samples of yummy pretzels, or what-have-you.  We will never starve in this great nation.  THAT is for sure. 

Also – Galleries and museums often provide free wine, champagne and hors d’oeuvres when they open a new exhibition or promote a new artist.  Get on their list for their upcoming events! I’ve even attended a red carpet movie screening at a nearby gallery where they had exquisite appetizers and desserts as well as an open bar.

  • MOVIE THEATRES. Speaking of movie screenings – check with your local theatres (or those in the biggest city nearby) to learn of any screenings, premieres, or other types of events.  Often movie theatres will hold events you wouldn’t expect, and they’ll welcome you as well.
  • GIFTING SUITES. Okay, so these are a rarety only afforded those celebrities and their friends or representatives that live near Hollywood/Beverly Hills and Manhattan (NY).  But I tell you, we were given face products, jeans, shirts, dresses, gourmet anti-oxidant dark chocolates, cigars, spa/massage certificates, jewelry, liqueours and more.  Actually, the amount of face products was astounding – and all were very exclusive – famous skin care lines. And not too soon, I must say.  I’d JUST scraped the bottom of the barrel on some of my daily regemen, and was in no position to replace it, when I was given a mountain of products I could use.  Life is good, I tell ya.
  • PUBLICITY. So, not everyone wants this, but all you need to do these days is put together a youtube video, and post it – share it ad nauseum on every other social media site (twitter, Facebook, digg, linkedin and more).  Also, show up where photographers are present to shoot an event or other somewhat “famous” person, and ask to be photographed (they love that)… then follow that up by asking where the photos might appear (so you can find them, and post them – ad nauseum – on every social media website) – and VOILA!  You’ve just gotten some free publicity!
  • CRAIGSLIST – I know.  Why is craigslist on here?  Thanks for asking.  Because they allow me to post free ads for the rental of my condo (which has become inevitable at this moment in my life) and as a result of those ads, I will now be shacking up at M.C.’s beach pad for the summer.  Yep I rented my place for the summer!  Nothing better than FREE MORTGAGE – right? 
  • And now… drum roll… for the Mack-Daddy of All Free Things:  FREE ADVICE. M.C. and I were walking along the beach in Santa Monica one Sunday, when low and behold, we saw a friend of ours (and movie maker) Emmett Loverde and his brother Paul.  They set up a card table and four chairs with a couple of little table tent signs that read “FREE ADVICE.”  This was just TOO hysterical!  We decided to sit down and give it a whirl.  I asked Emmett for advice as to what to do on a lovely Sunday afternoon on the strand in Santa Monica, and he threw this little golden nugget my way:  “Set up a free advice table.”  He assured me it was a fantastic way to meet new people, and some of them were hot, gorgeous people who may never come and sit down with you otherwise, except for the novelty of obtaining something free – and advice at that!
  • Free Advice Santa Monica, CA
    Only in Santa Monica, CA

 So, there you have it people.  Freebies galore.  Go get ’em!

And, as you may have surmised, from my lack of postings lately, my blog has become a struggle to get out lately.  I promise to be more timely and fastidious from now on.  Stay tuned next time for more on the delightful, delectable, celebrity-filled happenings in sunny, beautiful California – through my eyes, of course! 

Have an incredibly FREE week everyone! 

Love you people!  Mmmmmmmppphhhhuuuuhhh!


Ms. Cheevious


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