It’s Time to Delve Into Twelve

If you’re at all like me, you found yourself simply cruising through the holidays, way back in 2011, just trying to survive. Thoughts of resolutions were the furthest things from your mind. More important to deal with were the little (or not so little) family dramas, the last minute shopping, wrapping gifts (or handing out dreidels)  and the burnt cookies.

Then suddenly, everyone was talking about resolutions, as if they’d been planning theirs for months. You know, come to think of it, it really annoys me when people come out with resolutions, and then back them up with these “all-knowing” statements,  as if suddenly they are the definitive experts in their resolution’s field… Here are a couple of examples, (and I’m sure you have plenty to offer as well):

“I’m going to get into sculpting this year.  It’s one of the five most difficult art-forms known to man, but I think I’m up to it. My friend, who’s a fellow at NYU, says I have the hands and the eye for it.”


“I’m going to lose twenty pounds and keep it off, this time.  This new diet, XYZ, is the only one that works.  I’ve checked into it.”

So yeah.  Everyone was talking the big talk.  But in my case my “everyone” was mostly in cyberspace. I know. Sad.

It was when one of my youtube “friends” whom I’ve never actually met in person, @SooperChorus, put together a New Years resolution challenge, where he promised to pick the best video responses to feature in his next post, that my interest was peaked.  What sort of resolutions would I make?  Would stating my goals / resolutions for all the world to see be any different than telling a few people at the water cooler?  And, isn’t the internet my own personal water cooler?  Would doing so make me feel more accountable to actually achieve them? And most importantly, what would all of my famous, snooty, celebrity friends and clients think?  To date, they’ve basically trembled and reveled in awe at my chutzpah, and my willingness to be so transparent in such FUN and INTERESTING ways. Nah… they wouldn’t be a problem.  Hmmm.

It all started with a question to my man, M.C. Nugget*, “Do you know how to record a video while I am sitting here at my iMac?”  You see, we are all about professional videos, with cameras, lights, mics and things, but I’ve just never really done video with my desktop computer.  I took one look at myself sitting in front of the screen, and – uh – NO.

As they said in the old H.R. Puffinstuff kid’s show, “MAKEUP!!!

This had to be out-of-the-box – at least from all the other video responses, if I was going to publish it.

So – well, without further adieu, here is my video response to @SooperChorus, with a list of my 2012 New Year’s Resolutions.

DISCLAIMER:  I actually have a real list of my own… some of which did not make this video…  Some things are just for ME, un-kay?

ENJOY MY LOVELIES!  And then be sure to read on, to see what happened!

If your browser or email does not show the video box above, click the box below to be taken to the video on Youtube.

The end result?  I was chosen by @SooperChorus as one of three video responses to be featured.  He edited my video (and left off my #5)  but I didn’t mind.  I was actually REALLY SHOCKED because when posted it, I mentioned in the comments I was probably disqualified because he requested videos of a minute or less, and mine was FOUR minutes.  I guess ya just can’t ignore greatness.  HEH HEH.

Check out HIS video featuring ME (it’s very SILLY – but did you expect anything else?) here:

My Question of the Week

I know, I don’t do that – but it sounded too cool

What are your plans for Delving into Twelve?

Think about it and post a reply here.

Stay tuned next week for a slide show of more MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN MOMENTS.  Oh!  Or maybe a new TECHNO BABE MOMENTS.  See you then!

Love you people!!!!  MMMMMPPPHHHUUUHHHH!!!!!!


Ms. Cheevious

*For you newbies out there, M.C. Nugget (aka Nuggie, Emcee Nugget, etc) is my beau – an actor who actually WORKS in Hollywood– also formerly known as Fred the Wonder Chicken or FWC — I assign “aliases” to all of my friends and family, so their antics can remain anonymous.  I am the only person I know who doesn’t care if people know what I’ve been up to.  So I protect their identities!


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