Hot Bikini Chicks = Top Celebrities

So, M.C. Nugget and I attended an event this week — the “Bikini Candy Tour Launch Party Benefiting Willie Gault’s AFL Foundation” (that’s Athlete’s For Life – in case you didn’t know).  

The event was promoted as this “premiere star-studded event,” with a confirmed guestlist that read as such:   

Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Lamar Odom, Jamal Brown, Ashton Kutcher, Wilmer Valderama, Tyrese, Avant, Paris Hilton, Nicole Scherzinger, Omar Gooding, Ron Artest, Shannon Brown, Jordan Farmar, Shemar Moore, Molly Shea, Brian White, Carl Anthony Payne II, Kevin Garnet, Troy Hudson, Terrell Owens, Rashad McCants, Mario Barrett, Chris Hope. Gabe Pruitt, DJ Strawberry, Ray J, Angela Simmons, Vanessa Simmons, Teddy Riley, John Legend, Travis Barker, Marlon Wayans and many more!  

Let me just say that the only people on the list above that made an appearance were Omar Gooding and Molly Shea.  At least from what I could tell.  But the event did bring in a few surprise extras like Oscar winner, Jaime Foxx and his pal, Duane Martin.   

I must admit, when I first read the guest list, I wasn’t impressed.  Not because the list itself wasn’t impressive, but because this happens all the time in Hollywood.  Event promoters often pad their “celebrity” attendance list with those they have merely extended invites to (like Ashton Kutcher or Paris Hilton).  And in the case of charities, they’ll often get celebrities to agree to “support” the cause, or at the very least, lend their name to the event.  But rarely do these a-listers actually show.   

So, although Athletes for Life is a worthy cause, mentoring kids to live a healthy lifestyle, I had to wonder what it was that made people like Jaime Foxx and even my own man, M.C. Nugget venture out that night.  

Well, kiddos, I’ve got the answer.   

It was a BIKINI CONTEST people!  Helloooooo!  And these girls were not just anyone off the street competing to win whatever prize was in store.  They were sexy, young models!   

As M.C. and I sat there, perplexed, we surmised what was transpiring before our eyes that evening – and of course enjoying every single minute.  We decided right then and there, we were changing career paths.  Yes, M.C. and I are going into the event business (well, okay, so I already do events for peeps).  But the formula was just too simple:   Find a charity to support, get celebrities on board to lend their names, then bring in the scantilly clad hot chicks!  

Why not?   

Here are some of the pics from that night – and guess what?  I even got photographed!  Oh yeah… I’m somebody now.  Ha ha!  

Duane Martin, Jaime Foxx and Chris Spencer  

Omar Gooding
Molly Shea
Bikini Contestants
One of the Contestants
Another Contestant
And Another

 And now, for the real reason the photographers even showed up…. 

The One & Only - M.C. Nugget
And last but not least…
Ms. Cheevious Herself
That’s it for now folks.  Check out the Athelet’s For Life website!  It truly is a good cause! 
Tonight we are off to The Kress nightclub in Hollywood for a birthday party for a world famous publicist to the stars.  The theme is “Be the Paparazzi” and no one is admitted without a camera.  We’re suppose to dress to impress.  Looking forward to that.  Fun stuff, eh?  I’ll fill you in later. Stay tuned next week.
In the meantime, enjoy your spring weekend, wherever you are, and no matter the weather!  Have a fabulous one my lovelies!
Love you people!  Mmmmmppphhhuuuuhhhhhh!
Ms. Cheevious

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