Capers of the Sherwood Kind

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Okay.  I know.  I have too many monikers.  Ms. Cheevious, Yummy, etc.  But did you know I am also a SUPER HERO?


And with that, comes another moniker, or alias of course. In my case it is “Brat-Tay.”

I’m just ONE of the Sherwood Girls.

Perhaps you heard of us?

We’re Smar-Tay, Ice-Tay, Pah-Tay, Hot-Tay, Sport-Tay, Zes-Tay and MOI — Brat-Tay (because we all know I LOVE to get my way).  Yeah.  We’ve been fighting bad guys —  well — just about all our lives.

We spent some time this weekend trying to vacation… and wouldn’t you know we were accosted by a Mayan Warrior??  We were forced to go all Super Hero up in his grill, just so we could get back to Beverly Hills and our Sprinkles Cupcakes!  Can YOU believe it? HA!

Watch it and enjoy!

If you cannot view this (some email subscribers) follow this link, then be sure to come back and comment!

Have a fantastic week everyone!  Don’t do anything to make the Sherwood Girls get all up in your grill!  Stay tuned for more Sherwood Girl Capers!

Love you people!  Mmmmmppphhhhuuuuhhhh!


Ms. Cheevious


Don’t be Shy!  Leave a Reply!

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