Aloha National Chicken Month

In Celebration of National Chicken Month I am taking M.C. Nugget to Hawaii.  That’s right.  You heard it correctly.

You see, we watched his beloved Saints get ripped apart by the Greenbay Packers on NFL kickoff tonight, and in a drunken stupor decided we needed to go to Honolulu.

Can you blame us?  NO!

So – well – there you have it.  Aloha my lovely boys and girls.  I will try not to sun bake my Chicken Man too much – but honestly, I think he likes it.  heh heh.

Below is a sun baked chicken.  Granted it BETTER not be MC Nugget – cuz – well – that would be weird – but perhaps we’ll see one of his Hawaiian cousins while we are there!  :)

Have a glorious weekend whilst we are basking in the glorious sun of HAH-VAH-EE (as they say)…

Love you people!!!!!



Ms. Cheevious


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7 Responses to “Aloha National Chicken Month”

  1. Laura

    Have fun chica! Try the pineapple chicken on a stick…hehehe

  2. Lindsay

    So let me get this straight. You got drunk and took your pet chicken to Hawaii?

  3. MsCheevious

    @Laura: Right… and Right! Will do! Thanks! XO
    @Najee… True Dat
    @Linsday…. Tsk Tsk Lindsay. You must not read my blog. My friends and family – their identities are all hidden in the blog, unless they want to be known, or if someone is a celebrity that I don’t know, but they behave badly in my presence… well I’m telling all. But M.C. Nugget (get it? Chicken McNuggets?) – otherwise known as Emcee Nugget – is my boyfriend. Of course he is not a chicken – nor is he my pet. Well… scratch that. he he

  4. Diane

    You crazy gal! You may tried to hid his identity, but you need to try harder!
    P.S. I like teriyaki chicken!

  5. MsCheevious

    @Diane, Thanks for stopping by! Listen: The only people who know my man are people who know him from other things. I can’t be held responsible if people figure it out based on other posts or Twitter (hint hint) or other things like that! hee hee. I’m thinking he may need to be “outed” but that is his call! :)

  6. Diane

    I know! I was just giving u a hard time! That’s up to him of course, but my lips are sealed like I said on twitter! You both are great! Luv you both! Oh no! Using too many exclamation points again!


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