Power Chick. Super Hero Status Confirmed

Off to work today my pretties.  Working on an event that  is my own little brain child… well, sort of.  You know how every once in a while you get truly inspired or jazzed about an idea that is concocted between you and a best friend?  You and he/she come up with the next great self-help book, kids fantasy novel, campy movie idea, or whatever / wherever the conversation takes you?

Well, I suppose that is how my little event came about.  My girlfriend Britt , when I was branching out into entertainment PR use to constantly say, “We need to set up drinks with some other girls I know in the business… we need to get you networking.”  We mentioned some rendition of this, among other ideas that might help each of us expand, learn and grow in our businesses / arts many times.  Then one day I just did it.  I’d met a few ladies over the last couple of years who were very active in their chosen entertainment industry fields (and beyond)… not too many… but certainly enough that I was interested to set up drinks and commiserate with more than one of them.

And so it was, the Power Chicks – Power Drinks gatherings took shape. I set it up where we’d meet for happy hour at a popular Los Angeles bar or restaurant, on a date that worked for the majority.  There was no agenda, no name tags, nothing.  Just some intelligent, talented, busy and happy-to-be-in-the-business ladies getting together to talk about what they do, what they are up to, or whatever they feel like.  As questions came up, we  asked or answered them.  It was and is pretty simple.  After the first gathering, I got a sense that if it continued to be this easy and different from formal “networking” groups,  it could actually last.

So, tonight, in honor of the official leap into Fall – with Halloween – we are hosting a Power Chicks gathering of a different nature — at one of the gal’s homes.  I opened this one up to the ladies to invite and bring their own gal-pals.  The normal five or so gals has grown to about thirty, and we now have a full-fledged event on our hands.

Why, you may ask, am I telling you all of this “WORK” stuff?  “This does not sound at all Ms. Cheevious-y” you may say.  Well, for one, you gorgeous individuals… because…  don’t you see?  On top of all my other glorious, perfectly fitting nicknames, I’m also a POWER CHICK now, as well! Isn’t that AWESOME?!!

Let’s see if I can recap for you some or all of the various monikers I’ve collected over the past few years:

1) Yummy (given me by M.C. Nugget, because I say it a lot, and because hey –  I AM)

2) Sherwood (once MC knew it was my given name, well he added that to the list… and it IS a name I grew up with)

3) Brat-tay (because as part of the Sherwood Girls, this super-hero name matches my know-it-all personality)

4) Jabba (also given me by MC, but only when I do a really funny impersonation — just about every time I feel like I’ve eaten too much – which is immediately following just about every meal)

5) Jiggly-Puff – or – Puffy the Hut (another couple a names –  by – you guessed it – MC (he likes nicknames) because when I get bit by insects, and – let’s face it – I AM YUMMY, after all… they bite… OFTEN… and when they do, I puff up, and get swollen and it sort of jiggles some times.  Not pretty people… but pretty funny).

6) Any other number of various monikers, mostly used by M.C. because he is just one of those guys who will come up with an appropriate name on the spot, such as Hottie McHottelstein, Jabba the Puff (a cross between Jabba and Jiggly Puff) and of course my normal, every day monikers of Lisa Jey and Ms. Cheevious.

7) But now, I am also a POWER CHICK not to be messed with in any way, shape or form.

And then, there is the “for two” part.  Hellooooo…  did you notice the FULL name of the event?  Power Chicks – Power Drinks? Here is our fall gathering “logo” below.

That’s right.  What self-respecting Power Chick can’t hold her alcohol?  I know I can, and I do.  And that is what this post is about: Moi.  HA!   And my super-hero status, confirmed.

Okay.  Don’t all puke at once.  Had to have a little fun with this one.  Ya’ gotta give me that.

So, while I am concocting and sippy on Pumpkin Martinis, and commiserating with my other Power Chicks, I hope you are preparing for a simply fabulous weekend of dressing up like whimsical fairies, sniveling pirates, ghosts and witches…  and not all at once or in that order.

Enjoy yourselves RESPONSIBLY my lovely men and women!  I know I will try!

Love you people!!! Mmmmmmmmppphhhhuuuuhhhhhh!!!


Ms. Cheevious


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