Gotta love the Dog

Before I begin I don’t wanna hear anything about how NON Ms. Cheevious this post is, unkay? Trust me. I’m still creating fun, pleasure, frivolity and the enjoyment of life for all around, whenever humanly possible.

But Ms. Cheevious is entitled to have a heart too – so today I wanted to share this pic of me n my puppy (he’s ten now) Puggy.

Guess what breed he is? Ha! And, yes, my son, then six, named him. He was really bought for my son, but I arranged for the training and participated heavily (and of course, managed the puppy’s entire upbringing in his (and my younger son’s) formative years). Puggy became a part of our lives and our family, and we loved (and still do love) that snorty, spunky, squirrely little creature! I cannot recall a time in life with my son in first-fourth grade without Puggy jumping around when we walked in the door, or hiding because he’d torn apart the trash, or some other quirky behavior. Shortly after that Puggy went to live with my son’s dad because my work schedule made his alone time far too unfair to him.

He was recently diagnosed with skin cancer (or so my son says – he lives with my son and his dad out of state in NM now), so while I am here in NM visiting, I took some time to let the animal with the BLUE RIBBON stinky breath lick my arms and hands and face. Ew. But it was worth it.

Love the creatures and humans around you, people!  They are who/what make us the beautiful people we are!


That’s all I got for now. Hope your week has been great and you continue the work of creating beauty, fun and yumminess all around you!

Love you people!!!!


Ms. Cheevious

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