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I am always flattered and get a huge grin on my face when people ask me about my fitness routine.  It usually happens when I’m at the beach or in some sort of attire that reveals my arms or abs, and goes something like this:

“What did you do to get those abs, girl?”


“You’ve got some GREAT arms!  Do you work out?”


“I wanna know what diet YOU’RE on!”

Why am I so flattered, or why the huge grin?  Well, DUH.  I work HARD.  It is so great when someone else notices!

So, the answer – to put it simply – is, first, I love food – all kinds.  And I eat it (in moderation, generally).  But most importantly, I LOVE physical activity.  And if you’ve ever been physically active on a continual basis, and doing something you really ENJOYED, you know what I’m talking about.  I feel sluggish and jiggly-puffy (as MC likes to call it) if I don’t get out and DO something physical.  That may include anything from walking or riding my beach cruiser on the beach to an hour on the elliptical stair climber at the gym, followed by abs, arms and legs strength training.  But my absolute FAVORITE workout is found at SPX Fitness.  And I am now a CERTIFIED SPX Fitness Instructor!  WOO HOO! Yep!  I did it.  I went through the training, and am now an instructor of this incredible fitness method!

What does that mean?  Well, watch out people.  If you make it to LA and attend one of my classes, you WILL feel it (during and long afterward).  If you continue in the regimen, you will NOTICE the difference very quickly.  You’ll have abs, definition in your arms, legs and calves, and a sculpted, leaner body as a whole.  It’s simply fabulous!

You can see a video of this incredible workout here (look for the Rockit Body segment):

Rockin My Body!


Fun workout.  Awesome results.

That’s it for this week, people!  Have a FIT and FANTASTIC weekend!  I am off to teach an SPX Fitness practice class!  WOOP WOOP!!

Love you people!  Mmmmmmphhhuuuuuhhhhh!!!


Ms. Cheevious


Don’t be Shy!  Leave a Reply!

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