Are Hot Bodies Dead?

I only ask this question because I finally completely my SPX Fitness training, and was officially added to the schedule at the renowned founding studio in West Hollywood. This guy, Sebastien Lagree, has more press from making celebrity hotties look fabulous than many a-list movie stars!

Anyhoo, I was added to the schedule last Saturday, and as of today – my grand debut taking place in just a few short hours –  still no one has booked one of my classes!  A brief perusal of the schedule revealed that there are many classes with no one in them – or so it seems. I wrote it off to people not wanting to commit – so “L.A.”  They’ll just show up knowing if there are 10 slots available it’s a good chance they’ll get into the class.

Meanwhile, I wrote to another teacher on the schedule – one that I enjoy taking her classes – to let her know I was now teaching. What I got was a response from an annoyed individual who has trouble filling her own classes. She saw my addition to the schedule as “cutting in to her pay.”

Now.  This was ME she was talking to.  She may as well have been speaking Russian.  I just don’t understand the mentality.  I got on the schedule, and the first thing I did was spend several hours designing a flier and event for Facebook. Then I spent MY OWN MONEY promoting it with an ad to people who are interested in fitness.  This may sound foreign to fitness professionals (“What? Promote your classes with your own money?”), and I suppose it is a little “outside of the box,” but it’s only natural for me.  You don’t make the big bucks or succeed at some things by merely waiting for the people to show up.  You have to put yourself “OUT THERE.”  Ya know?

I have to admit, however, the entire process had me second-guessing what people are after these days.  My mind went to all sorts of scary, frightening places, like ‘perhaps people don’t care if they are fat and unhealthy these days…’ or ‘maybe “FAT” is the new 30’, and this great gem, ‘maybe my jokes about being Jabba have been taken seriously, and the minions are following too closely — too literally…’  (trust me — my brain will go places I have no control over some times).

But after much thought and deliberation I have to conclude that NO – hot bodies are NOT DEAD.  They are alive and well and thriving — especially in the US, and even more so in Los Angeles!  People desperately want to be fit, healthy, good looking and feeling fine.  They WANT to be able to go into a store and fit into the most fashionable clothes with ease — and look GOOD in them.  I have to believe there are still people out there who WILL take my class because — well — great minds and bodies think alike.  Ya know?  (Inserting obligatory disclaimer here — SOMEONE will take offense or think I am being narcissistic — No. I am not saying “Oh! Look at Me!  I have a great mind and a great body, and if you do too, you’ll take my class!”  No.  I have lived a life with plenty of lessons that have finally brought me to the place of being comfortable in my own skin, and proud of the hard work and the intricate journey my life has taken me on. It’s not for whimps, this life stuff, but I tell ya, if you can find a way to enjoy it, and be HAPPY with who you are, always striving to be who you want to be, and never letting go of your dreams and goals – well then life’s difficulties tend to fade.  So, do I think I have a great mind?  It has its moments, but I’m partial.  Do I think I have a great body? I’m doing alright.  It’s more about what others say, and express to me… that they want what I have… and I am a marketing person – I listen to the pundits).

Well anyway, the other instructor also said people would probably show up to my class tonight on the fly – which is what I suspected.  Stay tuned.

Here are the ads, and promo photos I posted on the FaceBook events I added.  I said “Get Your Six Pack Here”… because HEY, that IS what you’ll get!

I hope you are inspired to get in, stay in and be thrilled about your SHAPE people.  This is what makes life – and the “enjoying every moment” part – worth living!

And if you live in Los Angeles and would like to attend my Tuesday and Thursday night classes, well feel free to check out the details here.

Have a wonderful week my lovely fitness fiends!


Ms. Cheevious


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