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Hang with me here people, because I have a very special give-away you’ll want to know about, and I didn’t write this article for my health. It’s all for you, my pets.


They say the common denominator between successful, wealthy, talented people is their voracious appetite for reading.


Interesting isn’t it? I thought for sure polishing the chrome on the Rolls, finding the perfect purse-sized dog, or casting a new reality show would be it, but pay attention here because I don’t say this very often: I’m dead wrong.

Warren Buffet said in a Fox interview that he reads seven major publications including the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the New York Times and USA Today from cover to cover daily! That’s a hefty reading list. Then again, he can afford to have each publication hand delivered and read allowed to him by a tuxedo-clad porter who follows him around.

I always say, “Imitation is not only the highest form of flattery, it’s also a GREAT way to achieve what the other guy did.”

Although we may not be quite as wealthy as Warren and able to get our news spoon fed to us, it’s OKAY, because our computers, tablets and smart phones can help us with the imitation part. 

Allow me to introduce you to a nifty app and website I like to refer to as my wealth-accumulation assistant. It’s called PRESSREADER.

It’s the busy-but-not-yet-ridiculously-wealthy person’s way to stay up-to-date, informed, educated and well-traveled.


Because we all know that reading news and other types of publications from around the world is one of the next best things to being there. 


Plus it makes your brain work better, and raises you intelligence. The Boob Tube cannot do that for you in the same way.

You can read more national and international news, stories and tidbits than you can handle right from your computer or device with PRESSREADER

Why, just today I read the news in USA Today International and the Washington Post! It works just like an old-school microfiche or microfilm at the library (but with your computer mouse or a swipe of your hand on your device). You do remember that microfiche stuff, right? That thing where you could read full length publications by scrolling left to right and zeroing in on a specific article? PressReader is much more sophisticated. Everything is LIVE and is presented just as the real printed publication looks. If it’s in color, you see it that way, right on your computer. 

Pure awesomeness.

USA Today International on Press Reader

The Washington Post on Press Reader


I’m working my way up to seven publications a day between my crack habit of looking at puppies on Facebook and video taping myself dancing around the living room with loaves of yummy bread, but hey, I’m off to a good start.

The good folks at PressReader sent me this subscription so I could try it… and I LOVE IT. And guess what?

PressReader is offering a FREE ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to one of you lucky people too.

That’s one big giant WOOT, right?

The cool thing about this service, is I can look at publications from around the world!

Next on my list are publications from Italy (my mother’s native country) so I can brush up on my Italian.

Best Movie - Italian Publication on Press Reader


Il Tempo Italian Publication on Press Reader


Spain and Mexico will follow. MUST.PRACTICE.SPANISH.

And you know what? Once you’ve worked your way up to seven major publications a day, there will be NO stopping you.

Enter the contest in the Rafflecopter below – or if you’re reading this in your email, click here. If your browser doesn’t show the Rafflecopter below, hit refresh and GET TO IT! Come back daily to increase your chances!

I will email the winner and announce it on the Ms. Cheevious Facebook and Ms. Cheevious Twitter accounts in two weeks! Good luck everyone!

Press Reader



Press Reader


If you can’t see the RAFFLECOPTER giveaway to enter below, click here to enter on my Facebook page


a Rafflecopter giveaway

And my official rating for this PressReader service / app / website?


Press Reader Rating


UPDATE 2.18.14: A new search on my app returned TWO publications in Boston, the Herald & Metro USA (Boston). Woohoo!

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