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I’m sure you already know this, but for the last four weeks, M.C. Nugget and I have been GLUTEN-FREE. The #DailyNugget hilariously reflected Nuggie’s struggle to be totally gluten free (here and here). It was my idea and I am happy to take the blame – er – credit. The reason I wanted to do this was because I’d already been thinking long and hard about the inevitability of my going on the GAPS diet one day in my future (something that will completely restore the flora of my intestines to a naturally healthy state).

Don’t stop reading. It’s really a thing.

So, in an effort to sort of wax GAPS, without all the upheaval to my daily routine (because it’s a whole giant lifestyle change, with real deprivation and insanity), I posited a Gluten-Free Month to Nuggie. I knew if he were game, I could certainly do it, cuz’ PFFFF… I’d be stuck then. I can’t let him outdo me (or anyone I posit something to, for that matter).

Nuggie survived pretty well on the gluten-free train too (though he may argue the contrary). When he realized that BEER is UTTERLY, TOTALLY, AND COMPLETELY GLUTEN IN A GLASS – well, then it was all over. He wanted to take his ball and go home.

February 1st was our first GLUTEN-OUS day after 30-days on the diet. So, on Friday night, January 31st we went to our neighborhood coffee shop and picked up a red velvet cupcake for each of us to wake up to. I know. We’re so friggin’ cute! We made our first day of being GLUTEN-Y a thing.

But hang on, because there is more.

I actually feel lighter. I look lighter. I feel more energetic, and guess what? Being gluten-free was NOT that hard. I rather enjoyed it.

… though, I must admit, I do love my bread. And I mean I LOVE MY BREAD.

So, then I had this dream….

No I'm NOT licking the bread! #GlutenFree

If you cannot see the video box above, you simply MUST click this link and watch this video, because M.C. Nugget’s camera skills and direction are UNMATCHED! http://youtu.be/md7CzNweoGY

Now let’s recap so you all remember this is a #HEALTH post:

After one month of being Gluten Free

1) I feel lighter

2) I look lighter

3) I feel more energetic

4) Being Gluten-Free was NOT that hard.

I highly recommend at least trying it. Then send me your dreamy video, would you?

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