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One of the things I’ve always thought would be fun about living in New York City (if that should ever come to pass), would be the immediate and easy access to Broadway shows or theatre in general. That and the subway, but have you heard? Los Angeles has a real-life subway and it’s spreading across town! Squeee!

I actually love all art forms and seeing great plays, comedy shows, interesting films, fine art exhibits and musical performances (or bands and “artists” for you rock stars) takes me to my happy place.

I apparently love to be entertained!

And as long as it takes any form other than me dancing around my living room with a loaf of bread, I’m good.  

But because I live three blocks from the sand in the city of Los Angeles (where the subway has not yet reached), I don’t often get out to see shows unless they happen to be within walking distance (which, in our neighborhood could be street performers singing along to a transistor radio). I just don’t get out as much as I’d like. It is Los Angeles, for goddsakes. Have you heard of the traffic here?

This week was different.

When Monica Davis, a talented actress, comedienne and UC Berkeley graduate (in political science, no less) invited me to review her one-woman show The Monica Davis Show, I have to admit you guys, I was a little excited. Like, get dressed up for “The THEATRE” (insert old British guy’s voice), excited.

I thought it was probably going to be a comedy (I’d seen clips posted by Monica on Facebook that cracked me up) and that it was staged in a small theatre in LA’s theatre row on Santa Monica Boulevard (some of these theaters are so far off-Broadway, they’re smaller than my walk-in closet), but I was excited anyway.

All I knew in advance about the show was the title, and that it was done in a talk show format. It was promoted as Monica’s way to finally “be just like Oprah” — something she dreamed of as a child. I thought the show was truly inventive and fun.  It was produced with a combination of video clips and live performance. “Host” Monica, conducted the interview via big flat screen TV, and “live,” in-person Monica answered interview questions as various incarnations of herself (the Thief, the Hooker, and some other fun and sorted characters).

Going in, I half expected an uproarious comedy, based on what I know of Monica, and hey, it certainly served up some good laughs!  But it was also a sweet, touching, coming of age in Los Angeles piece that tells the familiar tale of single life, family drama and finding the strength to be empowered despite the jerks and the pitfalls. We’ve all been there right?

If you live in or near Los Angeles, and are looking for something fun, unique and cultural to do – I recommend you see The Monica Davis Show.

It runs every Saturday evening through March, 2014 at Studio C Artists – 6448 Santa Monica Boulevard, just west of Cahuenga in Hollywood.

Besides – you could probably do with a little culture, right?


And my rating?

This show gets 7 out of 10 Chocolates, because — I just gotta have the FUNNY in my life. Especially now. (Long Story). It was a really great show and well-worth the time, the drive etc… I just decided that chocolates equate non-stop-laughs FUNNY for some reason. LOL! (You’d think vodka would equate funny, because everything’s funnier with more vodka, but no). Don’t get me wrong! This show was incredibly funny! It just had some tears and other emotions too. It was a great all around experience!

Chocolate Rating

BUT – – It gets 10 outta 10 vodkas because,

DAMN GIRL, you are one tough bitch. When I grow up, I think I want to be you.

Vodka Rating


Monica Davis ShowMonica Davis Show

DSC02266 DSC02269DSC02270 Monica Davis - The Monica Davis Show


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