That’s Amore I Tell Ya’

Ahhhh Valentine’s Day.


The treats, and sweets, the flowers, and the pink stuff.  All that pink.  Everywhere.

It’s a day you either LOVE (because you are either coupled up and in love, or you are altruistic about the holiday no matter what your circumstances), or HATE (because you are either coupled up and not in love, or you are alone and sick of this thing being shoved in your face every year).  It sounds extreme, I know.  There may be an in-between in there somewhere, but who wants to broach that?  “Oh, I think Valentine’s Day is just FINE.”  If I said that, my post would be finished right here. That might appeal to some of you non-readers, I admit. But what else is there to say after “just FINE?” And besides, how boring would that be? It’s much more interesting to veer toward the extreme.

candy dipped cookie sticks - valentines day

Welcome to my V-Day post.  In case you are new, it’s also the start of week 3 in my pursuit to get back to my old healthy self and lose a few extra pounds in the process.  It began with the post, “I’m a Thin, Light, Lean Machine Don’tcha Know?”, and then after week 1, I lost 3.5 pounds, and chronicled it in the post, “Junk Food My Arse – Really!” My results for this week are at the end of this post, and they’re good. You won’t want to miss ’em.

The Day of Love

Every time I hear the word Amore – I remember the song (sing it with me here) “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore!”

What I want to know is who thought up those lyrics, and what kind of drugs were they on?  Just think about it.  Did they actually think that the moon hitting your eye like a big pizza pie was at all usual?  They must have, or they wouldn’t have said it like it’s inevitable.  So is being hit in one’s eye (with a big or little or any kind of pizza pie), good, then? Or bad? Is love good or bad? Here’s to true sadomasochism and the thought that love hurts – but we love IT (love – whether it hurts or feels good, that is). There are a couple of other alternatives to a drug induced rhyme.  Here are a few:

1) He/she was in a writing slump.  I hear it happens.
2) He was a very poor lyricist, and just couldn’t think of anything to rhyme with “Eye” – not a single thing besides Pizza Pie.
3) He was an exceptional lyricist, and it just takes an intelligent mind to really “get” the true meaning of the lyrics.
4) He made a bet with friends, colleagues and the record label that no matter what the song said, it would sell.

I’ve got my money on number three or four, if drugs are ruled out.  I am assuming here that “love” or “amore” in this context is suppose to be viewed as a good experience, as most of us know it to be.  Although I also know from experience that love can be painful, treacherous, harsh, and extremely confusing.  I guess being hit with a pizza in the eye could be an extremely confusing or painful experience, as could falling in love.  Well, anyway.

Webster Defines “amore”:
Pronunciation: ə-ˈmȯr-ā
Function: adverb
Etymology: Italian
Date: 1739

1 : with love, devotion, or zest 2 : in a tender manner —used as a direction in music.

Not Any Amore

After that long-winded (or carpal tunnel induced) hook, I’ve got to be honest with you. This post has nothing to do with Love or Valentine’s Day.

HELLOOOO, PEOPLLLLLE!  I am getting my life (my body, more specifically) back!  I can’t be dwelling on chocolate and candy and all of that, when I have more important fish to fry – or steam – or broil.  I know the title of my post says “Amore”  but I lied.  Sorry.  It was a trick to get you in here.  

What I REALLY want to dish on are social “mores” (typically pronounced mohr-ays) and how they apply to me on my quest to stay fit and healthy.  I know – BOH – RING.  But indulge me here.  I am getting really good at this whole “mores” thing. 

Webster defines Mores as such:
Pronunciation: ˈmȯr-ˌāz also -(ˌ)ēz
Function: noun plural
Etymology: Latin, plural of mor-, mos custom
Date: circa 1899
1 : the fixed morally binding customs of a particular group 2 : moral attitudes 3 : habits, manners

The other night my boyfriend and I made dinner plans with a friend of his.  At this stage in the game (when we had dinner, I’d been on my quest for just two and a half weeks), I try to refrain from eating out. It takes me some time to get things under control and to be disciplined enough to be able to or even want to finagle things so that I can eat out without a worry. Don’t get me wrong: I always customize my orders at restaurants.  Without fail.  I am not joking.  Even the Lumberjack at Denny’s.

Our dinner plans were set for 7:30 pm.  This is late for an everyday, back-on-the-bandwagon kinda health chick like me.  I eat lunch at about noon (unless I’m too busy too notice, but that rarely occurs), and I eat something like carrots or pickles or something as an afternoon snack each day, so by 7:30 pm on most days, I’ve eaten my entire dinner and am feeling fine.

We went to dinner, and I was starving.  This is the first RED FLAG in the world of eating healthy.  Anyone savvy, who knows how to eat right, knows if you let yourself get hungry enough, you’ll eat things you don’t even like – like cold artichoke or hummus without bread. And at a fabulous Italian restaurant like the one we dined in, it’s inevitable that you’ll be served warm, fresh baked bread the minute you sit down. 
We arrived at the restaurant, and I was determined to be good.  Now, I define “good” as “good to myself.” I don’t usually care what others think about me, as long as what I am doing is not causing them real harm.
I’ll cut to the chase.  I had to be proactive.  If I didn’t get some food quick, I was going to eat the entire basket of bread sitting before me.  So, I ordered some steamed vegetables and a glass of water.  As soon as it arrived, I began devouring it.  Our friend was running late, but arrived as I was finishing off my last brussel sprout.  It was delicious.  She said, “Oh, you guys already ordered?”  My boyfriend and I were immediately apologetic. We knew it is just not really acceptable to order before your dinner guests arrive.  “We’re sorry!  She was going to faint!” my man said.  I felt bad, but it was really not a huge deal. As I thought about it later, and pondered it throughout the rest of this week, I decided that it’s because of my willingness to break with tradition or social mores, that I am successful.  And I don’t simply mean in my pursuit to regain my healthy eating lifestyle.  I’ve been successful in loads of ventures in my life, and I think it’s because I am willing to do things that are just outside of the box.  Just one toe over the line.
So – my encouragement to you this week:
If you are single: Forget about the Amore of Valentine’s Day.  Love who you are, and the beauty in life you can experience daily.  Enjoy every moment.
If you are overcoming something in your life, or challenged in some area: forget about the social mores.  Don’t concern yourself with what other people will think. Any amount of success requires focus and determination, and as long as you are doing no harm to another – you’ve got every right to change the social rules.

12.MyValentine.1301.SW.WDC.14feb07If you too are slimming down
:  Be courageous!  Get creative when it comes to dining out or socializing.  Have your friends invited you to dine out? Exercise your freedom to eat your dinner early at home – within your control. Then show up for a soda or lemon-water and enjoy the company of your friends while they indulge in every form of decadence known to man. It really won’t kill you. The point is, don’t feel obligated to do anything you haven’t planned or aren’t ready for, and begin to make things happen for yourself – no matter what societal “rules” or “mores” exist. Only you can make it happen.
OH!  I almost forgot!!  My RESULTS for this week!
Start Date:  Thursday January 31, 2007
Height: 5′ 5″
Goal: 125 lbs
Beginning weight:  136 lbs
Weight after week 1:  132.5 lbs
Weight after week 2: 130 lbs (02.14.08)
Net Loss / Gain this week
– 2.5  YAY!
TOTAL Net Loss:   6 lbs  WOO HOO!
Hey, if I can do this, you can do anything you intend to do.  Enjoy life today!  You are so very worth it.

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