Sir Tab, Dennis Quaid, Face-Offs and Other News

1) I’ve never done a post where I number things.  Everyone else does it. My turn.

2) First and foremost – in the OTHER NEWS category (not to be confused with unimportant):  My boyfriend and I broke up a little over a couple of weeks ago. I suppose it was coming for a long time. Not surprised, are you?  As many of you know, I determined I could not live away from the city for the rest of my life, and my man is or was (as it were) a country boy.  He is very special and we remain friends as well as business partners, and care very much for each other, but in all fairness to him, I had to let go.  He wants and needs a hot outdoorsy chick who can remain by his side in small town America.  The jury is still out on whether it was the smartest decision I’ve ever made.  It was not something that my Barbie GPS  could help me with.  It was all about being true to oneself.  But, I’m sure you’ll hear more from me on this. Stay tuned.

3) On a lighter note: I met someone new that I like!  🙂 At first I told RandomEsq (the consummate alias creator) that this guy is British, but reminds me of Tab Hunter – sort of – and if you do not know who Tab Hunter is, I hate you. Random came up with the fantastic alias of Sir Tab, which is very appropriate, even though when I conducted an Internet search on Tab – an actor from the 60’s – there were only cutesy, Beach Blanket Bingo sorts of images.  Tab Hunter had the clean-cut look of one of the Beach Boys in their early days.  If you don’t know what “Beach Blanket Bingo” or who the Beach Boys are, you’d better look them up, because you are WAY out of it, baby.  Everyone should know about these monikers of pop culture. 

4) Once I saw the Tab Hunter images, I embarked on another search for who Sir Tab really reminds me of.  I figured it out: It’s Dennis Quaid.  Sort of.  Sir Tab is actually MUCH cuter – blows Dennis out of the water!  I suppose if Tab Hunter had ever grown his hair out, he may have even looked sort of Quaid-ish.  I considered changing the alias to Sir Quaid, but it sounded too much like QUAALUDE, so I decided against it.  Sir Tab is a hottie, with some incredible lips, I must say.

Here’s a shot of Tab Hunter – the hottie.  But this image is just a little too far off from Sir Tab. Sir Tab has some ruggedness to his looks.  Though it looks like Tab has some luscious lips here – so there are some definite correlations. heh heh

Here’s an idea of what Tab would’ve looked like with more hair. Well, maybe not (okay – I’m not Rembrandt).  He kinda sort of looks like a Chia Pet.  HA!  But, with longer hair, Sir Tab might actually be compared to him.  Ya think?

This better depicts Sir Tab – I think.  Not to say that he doesn’t have his own unique, wonderful look. But based on this, one could surmise that he’s cute, eh?

5) I still haven’t got even a tinge of desire to upload the video footage from my appearance on Entertainment Tonight.  It was an ABOUT FACE sort of thing, any way – if you know what I mean – laser treatment and all.  The footage I have is from an apparent shorter version than what was finally aired after its initial debute.  I hear the full-length version is better, and am waiting to see it.  Once I do, I will get around to uploading it some day, in which case I will include the video footage here for you as well! (SCARY)

So – Welcome to the very first LIST edition of Ms. Cheevious – Enjoying every moment.  If you are new here, welcome. I am so very glad you are here, and honored you chose to stop by. We have a FABULOUS time in here, dahhhhling!

And now, my friends, I am off!  There are soooo many people to do and things to see.  Strike that.  Reverse it. (Anyone remember where that line came from?? First person to recall is guaranteed to never have their personal stories appear in my blog. Hee hee.)

As always, have a fantastic weekend, and enjoy EVERY SINGLE MOMENT!

Love you people! Mmmmmmphhhuuuhhhhh!  xoxo
Ms. Cheevious

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