Delinquent Ms. Cheevious

Not only am I delinquent in getting my post to you, (I am SORRY!), but it’s not going to be very funny today.  Again, I am sorry.

I am knee deep in moving men, cable guys (first, the Time Warner Cable guy, now the Direct TV guy, since we discovered the cable wiring in our building is archaic), handy men, flooring guys and college kids (my helpers).  Oh my GOD!  I just realized! If that isn’t a dream come true for some of you, I don’t know what is!

I’m finally here in Los Angeles.  I have much to tell you – I’ve not forgotten that I promised to dish on Random Esquire.  I also have a little ditty to tell you about my upcoming appearance on Entertainment Tonight!  I told the story to a good friend and client who said, “You’ve already opened up a world of opportunities, and you’ve only been there a day!”  I guess he was right, but I gotta’ tell ya’ – it’s not for any of my own pursuits, and won’t benefit them either.  It was a favor to a friend (more on that later).  Plus, it’s exhausting! I am in the middle of my move where I should be focused, and my friend pulls me away to do this.  Well – I am off.  

Please forgive me for the cliff-hanger, though it lacks the sizzle it so rightly deserves!  I’ll dish for you next week – and it’ll be GOOD.


Ms. Cheevious



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