Who’s The Boss Now?

A few weeks ago, my man (now revealed to the whole world, at long last, as the famous rapper, M. C. Nugget) and I went to see Bruce Springsteen in concert at the LA Sports Arena. 

It was my first time seeing The Boss live.  What can I say?  He IS the Boss – and I was a Boss virgin. 

Prior to the show I remembered that back in my MTV production and Super Bowl half-time show days, I interacted with a member of the E Street Band, named Nils Lofgren.  I was working the CBS Superbowl Bash, and managed to score he and his wife box seats for the game.  He gave me a cd of his, and told me if he could ever return the favor to let him know.  I wasn’t a die-hard Bruce fan, and had never really gotten into the music, so I never gave it another thought — not until I mentioned it in passing to McNug, that is.  Nuggie is THE BIGGEST Springsteen fan on the planet. 

So, I retraced my steps back in time and somehow managed to get in touch with Nils, who happily got us band seats at face value, and threw in free passes to the “E Street Lounge.”  Don’t get too excited.  The “lounge” was actually a large empty room, with a bar and a bartender in it. Drinks were NOT on the house, and there was nowhere to sit.  What we thought would be back-stage hob-nobbing, was more like a scene where we “unimportant” folk stared blankly at each other, wondering how we ended up in this thrown together pup-tent. Pfuhhhh!! 

Okay, at first I was shocked and somewhat disappointed.  Imagine my surprise when I walked in, thinking we’d be getting some sort of special treatment, at least comparable to BOX SEATS at the SUPER BOWL in NEW ORLEANS, and there we were in Sports Arena wasteland?  To top it off, the drinks were tiny, and ten bucks each. But, true to form, McNug and I made the best of it.  We found an ATM (of course, all vendors accepted cash only), had some drinks, grabbed some grub and found our way to our fantastic seats – SECOND ROW, stage left! They were AWESOME.

And after hearing from others in the industry who frequently get special passes to the Boss shows, there was really no special treatment to be had.  What we got – the good tickets and the E Street Lounge – was IT.  So in the end, we felt sufficiently special.  And I tell ya – those rappers – they are HARD to please.  So I suppose I staged a MAJOR ku in that case.

I snapped a few shots of MC and Bruce for everyone – just to show how great our seats really were.

The Boss


M C Nugget

I don’t know who was trying to grab Nuggie there, but it was a feeding frenzy as soon as we took our seats.  Concert officials almost asked us to leave because he was stealing all the attention away from Bruce. HA!  Just kidding, of course!

That night I realized what a truly special guy M.C. is.  He could have complained about the “Lounge,” especially given what kind of star treatment he is accustomed to – and I am not just joking here.  Let’s not forget, all kidding aside, that the REAL guy I date has done some incredible things in entertainment, and been treated pretty special.  But he was so great, and we had – as always – a really FANTASTIC time.

Gotta run kiddies.  I’m off to the start of a crazy week of incredible adventures. MC Nugget and I are attending the infamous annual Half-a-Ween party this weekend, where we’re sure to resurrect our sexy pirate costumes!  Ahoy Mateys! Arrrrghhhh! Then we celebrate his birthday on Cinco de Mayo, and next weekend we have celebrity parties to attend, and – well, the list goes on.  Try and keep up.

Love you people!  Mmmmmmmphhhuuhhhhh!


Ms. Cheevious


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