When retrograde would really suck





M.C. Nugget and I were driving to dinner the other day. It was a happy day because Nuggie booked a major role in a film (yay Nuggie), and we were going to dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants to celebrate. As we drove, I chatted with him about my day. It had been one of those days from a parallel universe.You know… when the coffee just finished brewing but tastes cold; or when every file you purposefully save with a certain name and in a certain place so you could find it easily later, somehow disappears? Or in this case, where the women everywhere in your life start to go “off” — getting upset or overly sensitive about things or jumping to conclusions and making rash decisions (rash, as in cutting of your hand because it’s itching, rash).

I’d already been experiencing weird paranormal events with my electronics earlier this month and questioned on Twitter whether it was time for Mercury’s Retrograde. It was.

So as I mused over this with Nuggie, I said “It wouldn’t be Mercury… but…

is there a planet whose retrograde causes women to go batshit crazy?”

The Eyes Have It

Nuggie laughed. He thought that was the BOMB. We wondered if Venus’ retrograde would do that. Does Venus have a retrograde? All I can say is if any kind of retrograde can cause chicks to go batshit crazy (more than usual, that is), that is when retrograde would really suck.

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