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When M.C. Nugget and I met, I like to think the way it happened was kismet. He was at the pier for a Thursday night concert and KABLAMO there was a surprise concert by FALLOUT BOY. He called his best friends, (one of which I happened to know) who promptly hightailed it to the pier. As these things go, surprise concerts by such big time artists as Fallout Boy don’t just happen. The guys don’t sit around commiserating like “hey, let’s go surprise the shit out of the people in Santa Monica this Thursday,” no. Victoria’s Secret was having a big PINK party (that’s one of their clothing lines), chock-full-o models, free drinks and a pink carpet — and they brought Fallout Boy with them. They’re so nice.

By the time I was able to maneuver my way to the pier at my friend’s invitation, Nuggie (and my friends) had taken full advantage of the hosted bar. For about two hours.

Our stories differ a bit here, because mine is right (well— pffff — I was the sober one), but basically Nuggie was standing on a picnic table swinging the purse of my friend. She came up to me, and over her shoulder introduced Nuggie and I, then said to me “Let’s go watch the band!” I turned to Nuggie who was smiling and swinging that purse and said, “Would you mind holding mine for a sec”? MISTAKE.

He laughed as he said Step back! I don’t hold purses for anyone.

But, you’re holding Lucy’s I started…

That’s only because SHE got me IN HERE.

Ahhh… someone who knew which side the bread was buttered on…

It was love, I tell ya.

You know… that pull-my-hair, then tell-on-me-to-the-teacher kind of love.

One thing is definitely true – after many more cocktails and several games of Wii Bowling into the wee hours of the morning… I was kinda smitten, and at the very least I knew I’d found a cool new friend.

And how fun was it to sneak in to a free FALLOUT BOY concert?

Now every time either Nuggie or I get too mushy with each other, one or both of us will say it:

Fallout Boy



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