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Last weekend M.C. Nugget and I spent some time in San Francisco for a friend’s birthday. We hadn’t planned for a trip like this, but Nuggie found a hotel at an incredible deal.

I told him I’d be happy with whatever he chose because, after all, I was just going along for the ride and we always have a blast together… even if we’re in the sticks with no heat or pillows.

On the way up we stopped overnight in Morrow Bay and stayed with some good friends of Nuggie’s (You guys! They’re from the movie business… shhhhh). Nuggie described his great hotel find as a Motel 12 to his friends. Yep. Twice the magic of a Motel 6, folks.

After we arrived and took a few photos of the room, I tweeted this:

“Is there such a thing as a Motel 4? I think I discovered it.”

Motel 4

The picture doesn’t show the real scope of what we were dealing with (I made everything look super cool with my Instagram filter), and granted… this hotel couldn’t have been in a better location (we could walk to China Town, Union Square, and so much more).

The kicker was, our room was on the sixth floor. Free wifi and the hotel’s breakfast was on the second floor. Generally we took the elevator (really an old-fashioned “lift”), except for a few times when Nuggie and I wanted to join a couple of other people already on the elevator. In those cases, we hoofed it downstairs.

Wanna’ know why?

Because the elevator had big signs on it that said “No More Than THREE (3) People In Elevator at One Time”– no mention of capacity or anything. The inside certificate said the limit was 1500 lbs, so we eventually stopped following that rule altogether. But you guys! Who does that? Who puts an arbitrary three person limit on an elevator? And who can’t do the math to figure out that 1500 lbs adds up to more like FIVE BIG FAT JABBA’S and their luggage?! We decided those hotel people knew a lot of big FAT MOFOs.

Despite that weirdness, we were happy with our digs, because you guys…. breakfast was included!

Breakfast Included

I’d nailed it the night we checked into the hotel. I told Nuggie I was already planning to find a place to have my egg-white and veggie breakfast, because I knew the breakfast would consist of pastries in cellophane wrappers.

I was right.

Here is another shot of the room… and me being goofy… just for laughs:



Notice our sweet big screen TV on the wall? We had to sit on the edge of the bed to see much, but regardless, we think our Breakfast Included deal was pretty cool. We’ll be staying the the Astoria Hotel some day again in the future. Mark my words.




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