Things We Enjoyed This Week: Mutterings

When thinking about the Things We Enjoyed This Week and Mutterings… well it occurred to me:  I don’t really get writer’s block. Here’s how my lack of writer’s block relates to a post about mutterings:

I’ve heard rumor of writers I know being paralyzed by writer’s block. But I get more of “writer’s overload.” I have too many things I want to say, far too often. So, as I began to contemplate what to say for another Things We Enjoyed This Week post, well, I was stuck. I suppose one could say this is writer’s block… but really, I had so much I could share, I was overwhelmed! The “stuck” part came when determining which (if any) of them would be a fit for a post Ms. Cheevious. That was a quagmire. I’ve had some really amazing things going on this week, and over recent weeks, not least of which is the publishing of my book “Ahhhhhh … Haaaaaa Moments with Ms. Cheevious” for Kindle (please feel free to click that link and “like” my book on Amazon, if nothing else)! But also, I’ve taken on a cool new client who is opening a 1920’s themed night club, I  enjoyed football even though my Patriots lost, I saw some fantastic and laugh-so-hard-I-cried comedy…  I saw two great flicks, other people I know enjoyed other films… and it goes on and on!

There was chatter online and around me about many things, and I enjoyed reading or hearing it all, but nothing was really striking me… until today.

I was perusing my social media accounts and one of my Twitter friends Jason Ramsey, who is pretty great about sharing my news when it’s important, posted a tweet which struck me. It looked like it may be a blog post, and I wasn’t clear whether he wrote it or not, but it made me click. Here is the tweet:


I think I clicked the tweet, because I wanted to know if Jason wrote a post and then, perhaps I would share it in return for all his tweets and retweets on my behalf.   I was immediately taken to another blogger’s (not Jason’s) site, who was obviously another benefactor of Jason’s. The blog is Melissa Say What?. The post is called Unconscious Mutterings. She shared a free association word game. You see a word, and respond with the first thing that pops into your head.

Unconscious Mutterings Post Image


This was IT! I loved this! And here, my lovelies is what sums up the Things We Enjoyed This Week: Mutterings….

Sometimes, when we are wholly and completely CLUTTERED with way too much stimulus, all you can do is MUTTER…  And it takes something as simple as a word-association game to clear the mind of all the clutter. That or, it’s just my brain that is too freakin’ cluttered, and it took a mindless word game to make me giggle… and yes, I should probably be committed.  But you know, this little word game could help you today. I’m not sure how or why, but I’m pretty confident of that fact. So, I’m sharing it here for you as well.  Feel free to copy/paste and share this (and your own word-associations) … and if you want to tell people where you saw it, well fabulous…  Here is my version:

  1. Offered :: Gave
  2. Center :: Core
  3. Benefit :: Gift
  4. Yay! :: YAY!
  5. Wonderful :: Pleasant
  6. Currently :: NOW
  7. Resignation :: Regret (don’t ask me why)
  8. Testing :: Struggles
  9. Strangely :: Oddly
  10. Clinic :: Lab

Love you people!!!! Mmmmppphhhuuuhhh!!!!


Ms. Cheevious

aka Lisa Jey Davis

Editor in [Mis] Chief


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