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This week you are being treated to a very rare type of post for me, in which I provide a list of items and briefly touch on them.  Rare, because I am quite verbose, and hey – I can’t say it all in a numbered list.  Also, I don’t really organize my thoughts like that.  Usually, something cool happens and I want to tell you all the details about the event, or the trip or whatever.  I don’t like to keep people guessing about what happened, which is bound to happen when I simply “touch” on things.   But alas, I do it from time to time,  to give you all a break!  Let’s be honest here, no one has time to read all this sh*t, right?  Everyone and their friggin’ MOTHER has a blog now.  How are you lovely people suppose to keep up?  HA.

If you are new here, WELCOME!  My blog is FUN, exciting, and dances along life’s edge, to say the least.  I talk about sex, drugs, rock-n-roll.  You name it!  But not so much this week.  It’s a LIST.  Hard to be edgy when you are taking inventory!

So, I observed or participated in some cool things this week.  Some of these cool things deserve more attention, and perhaps they’ll get their due another time, but until then, ENJOY my list of Random Coolness everyone! 

1. I love it when my man Emcee Nugget suggests something to do, we do it, and we have a cool LA-style event land right in our laps. And – ehem – didn’t I just say last week that something would land in my lap and I would share with you?  Well, don’t ever say I don’t deliver. We went to his neighborhood wine bar, Salute (it’s pronounced Salu-tay), and low and behold there was a super chic, model-infested fashion show about to start.  Not only did we not know about it in advance, but because we got there early, we didn’t have to pay to get in, we got the most FANTASTIC seats at the bar (just where the runway ended), and we were SURROUNDED by sheer gorgeousness and the coolest fashions of the season!  Top THAT!  Ha!

2.  Froggy’s Fish Market in Topanga Canyon is super COOL.  It’s tucked away near the top of Topanga Canyon (above Malibu) and has really cool outdoor seating.  We were there at night, and it felt like we were in the woods someplace else.  You could hear crickets in the trees, and as we were walking to our cars, we looked up and could see a starry sky alongside a gorgeous crescent moon. Very cool, people!

3. The pilates style work out I do is exceptional.  Originally founded by Sebastien Lagree and called Pilates Plus (now called SPX Fitness), it uses what he then called a Proformer (a seriously modified reformer, if you know pilates machines at all)  to work your ass off (no pun intended) for about 50 minutes a class – and all while rockin’ out to pumping music.  They are opening up all over the country and the world.  Check his website to see if there is one near you.  I go about five times a week to the Pilates Plus HBV (Hollywood, Brentwood & Venice).  I love it!  The result?  Well, supposedly, long lean muscles and loss of cellulite.  I think that’s happening, but all I really know for sure is something killer is happening to my abs, and I am liking the shape my body’s taking.  THAT my friends (to actually LIKE your body), is very cool. 

4. Walking in L.A.  It’s uber cool, because, as Missing Persons once sang:  “Nobody walks in LA!”  But M.C. and I do it all the time!  That’s right!  We walk from his apartment to the Library Alehouse, then to the bar at the World Cafe, then to the bar at Chaya Venice (whatever we are in the mood for – sometimes many more), heh heh.  But seriously – that’s why I love Main Street, Santa Monica.  You really can walk just about anywhere.  We walk to the beach, to the Santa Monica Pier, or along Main Street for shopping, etc.  Sweet.

And that’s all folks!  Those are ALL the things that are randomly cool in LA.  Nothing else is cool.  At least not here and now.

Stay tuned next week, where I’ll try to dispatch from NYC and share whatever interesting events take place.  M.C. and I are flying out on Saturday.

Have a beautiful weekend my lovelies!

Love you people!  Mmmmmmmmphhhhuuuhhhhh!

Ms. Cheevious


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