Here a Mom, There a Mom, Everywhere a HOT Mom

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging to bring you a HOT mom picture.  Yes, we (and by we, of course, I mean me.  Here in Ms. Cheeviousland, I am pretty much royalty, so I’ve adapted the third person “royals” speaking style. Just an FYI.) were going about our daily blog business, writing about the state of the economy, and how it does or does not affect us, when we were just a bit distracted by some hot mommy pics.  This is what we aspire to people!

Hot Mom Jessica Alba

There were tons of shots.  This one (above) was our favorite.  You can peruse more here.

Anyhoo.  Just thought we’d send you a “hump-day” inspiration.  If you are as hot or hotter than Ms. Alba, well, yay for you!  But if you are like most, and still only strive to be in shape and personally sexy, then this should inspire you to get your bloody arse in shape now, shouldn’t it!?  Get on it people.  God knows we’ve been working our “arse” off five days a week… pilates, yoga, stair climbing, weight training, SPX Fitness, you name it!  Then again, we can’t complain.  We DID, after all, make it past the first cut of the Lingerie Football League tryouts for the Los Angeles Temptation, did we not?  We wrote about it (and posted a video of the tryouts) in the post “Lingerie… Football, That Is.”

Okay – enough of the “we”  crap!  Really girls… I post hot photos like this, not only for the cheap thrills and excitement you or your significant “other” can derive from them (or perhaps you AND that person), but also because of the sheer reality, that WOMEN WATCH OTHER WOMEN.  Why?  Because a) we appreciate beauty and hotness, and b) we WANT to BE that pinnacle of beauty and hotness.

Whether you agree that Jessica Alba is HOT or not, you will agree that she has a fantastic body, right?

So here I am again, preaching to the choir, I’m sure, but GET ON IT LADIES!!  (And to my male readers: please just appreciate what I’m doing here).  I’ve said it before, but if you really truly want something (like a hot body) you’re the only one who can really MAKE it happen.  Get to it.  Then report back.

Love you people!  Mmmmmmphhhuuuuhhhh!


Ms. Cheevious


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