Are You Ms. Cheevious?

The title of this article is literal. I really do want to know whether you embody all of the qualities of mischief, therefore making you a Ms. Cheevious girl or guy. But in asking the question “Are you Ms. Cheevious?” it makes me think of what would be a very clever slant to another article. That article would tell you all about how I was asked by an adoring fan whether I was the real Ms. Cheevious. Isn’t that just simply fabulous? Just the idea! But that means “Ms. Cheevious” would have to be super uber famous. So we’ll reserve that story for a day when the mysterious moniker of “Ms. Cheevious” is super uber famous. I can dream, can’t I? After all, unless people read the blog regularly, watch the videos on YouTube, follow on Facebook or actually click the pics on my Twitter profile, how would they really know what I look like? I use one of my paintings as my Avatar, for goddsakes! It could happen. The Ms. Cheevious avatar could become more famous than the me underneath and behind it all. Ahhhh, that’ll be the day people… and mark my words people, that day is coming. I’ll use this article title again. It will be the one and only time I will allow the use of a title more than once. But I digress.

As to the real question of “Are YOU Ms. Cheevious?” well, I can help you out there.  If you possess at least two of the below listed qualities of mischief, then you my dear are indeed a Ms. Cheevious guy or girl. Welcome to the fold.

But first, the definition (with Ms. Cheevious modifications, of course):


  1. (of a person, animal, or their behavior) Causing or showing a fondness for causing trouble in a playful way: “two mischievous kittens”.


  1. a person or animal who exhibits the qualities of the adjective (above), or who also exhibits any of its synonyms and the synonym’s synonyms.  “Mischievous (also pronounced MisCHEE-Vee-əs) loves company”

Synonyms:    naughty – impish – prankish – playful – wicked – rascally – puckish



1. You never get hangovers. It’s true. I’m told I have some extra enzyme in my blood that enables me to drink without getting hangovers (except on rare occasions – like this past Saturday night – hangover #2 in my entire life – when you mix Jameson’s Irish Whiskey, Coffee, Chardonnay, vodka martini, vodka tonics and “The Killer” from the Firehouse in Venice Beach (Vodka, Peach Liqueur, and Arnold Palmer – Iced Tea and Lemonade)).  The rare times you do get a hangover, it is a god-send. Otherwise, you would drink way too much, and all the time.

2. You have “blonde moments”. You do not have to be blonde to have these moments. This is true if you have ever phoned or texted someone and not recalled doing so (and not while tipsy), gone searching for your purse that was hanging on your arm all along (sunglasses sitting on your head, keys already in your hand – you get the picture), or forgotten where you parked, and were late to the next event because of it.

3. You are naughty AND nice. To you, all really IS fair in love and war.  You love breaking the rules, but not if it’s going to hurt someone else.

4. Your middle name is “Trouble”. You don’t just have a fondness for causing trouble.  It’s on your calling card.  And your reputation precedes you.  If there is fun to be had, and frivolity can possibly ensue, you are there to be sure the fun IS had by all, and frivolity commences immediately. You even have some friends who refuse to spend too much time with you, for fear this sort of “trouble” will rub off on them.

5. People feel good around you. You know how to make people feel special, and you derive much pleasure from doing so. You’ve been told that you make someone important feel good, calm, loved. This is key.

6. You have minions. Yes. If you have “people” who will make things happen for you, for others (on your behalf), for themselves (on your behalf — that’s the best one), then you have minions. Use them in good health.

7. You dress to impress. To impress yourself, your loves in life… whatever.  You care.

8. You’re sexy and you know it. You should have written the song, not LMFAO.  It should be your mantra. Party Rockin’ in the House Tonight!  Yes. You are comfortable in your own skin.  You feel sexy, therefore you are sexy. You know how to take care of yourself, and you do it.  But you also know how to cut loose and enjoy every moment.  Which leads me to the last item.

9. You Enjoy Every Moment. This means you will get the absolute most out of every single moment life has to offer.  And it’s not up for debate, like  “what about if someone dies?” Because… really?  If someone dies?  Everyone dies people. No one gets out of this thing alive. The trick is to enjoy every moment while you are still alive.  If there is a time to cry, by GOD you will cry your heart out and get the most out that too.  Enjoy.

Love you people! Mmmmmphhhuuuhhhhh!!!!!


Ms. Cheevious


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