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Did I tell you about how I ate too much of the wrong foods over Thanksgiving and then I did it again while I was on location with M.C. Nugget (while he was in a film)? I’m sorry that I don’t recall telling you guys. I’ve said it so much lately and lord knows I’ve kvetched about it somewhere  on cyberspace. So it’s most definitely OUT THERE. I’m just not sure where it is out there, because my GOD, I blog and write and tweet and post until my fingers move continuously and automatically… as if by rote. I’ve decided it’s pointless to try to keep track. Speaking of which… the fact my fingers seemingly work by rote to get my online work done is the polar opposite of what happened that other time. Remember? When my rote memory short-circuited and I went to the bathroom and almost forgot to pull down my panties? My fingers working like that are a small miracle.

Okay – now I’m tired. What was I saying, by the way?

Oh yes. I ate so much and so badly over Thanksgiving and during my time in Tucson with Nuggie — I feasted for about two months — that I decided my time in Massachusetts visiting Nuggie’s family would be a good time to get a head start on all that New Year’s health and fitness resolution mumbo-jumbo.

Can someone please take a look inside my ears and tell me if there are tiny midget aliens residing in my skull? Because I don’t know what possessed me to do this. THIS during my beloved baking, candies, egg nog, cakes, pies and – well – yumminess season. Don’t I know myself by now? I love vodka. I love chocolate. I love anything with powdered sugar, cheese, nuts… okay anything at all. But THIS:

bûche de noël in a chocolate cage


And… enough with the shenanigans-of-an-article. I’m actually doing quite well on my quest for health during the month of death-food, thank you very much.

The other day, I was feeling proud of myself and sarcastically said to Nuggie’s brother, I don’t need any of that bread. Back in the day when I ate that… (you know… way back last week)…  I had enough of it then.

Enough said.

Have a fun holiday. Have a healthy holiday… and don’t drink irresponsibly, so that people think you’re a drunk. Here’s a link to my vlog about THAT:


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