Sometimes you have to do things for yourself





When friends come to play in LA, I don’t always have the freedom to run around town with them. But when my friend Stiletto came to town all the way from Florida to introduce us to her beau (who’d never been to LA), I broke away for a little fun. Getting to Hollywood from the beach is no small task, even on a Wednesday at 1PM. It took me a solid hour to get there, and by the time I made it to the Roosevelt Hotel to meet them for lunch, they’d already sampled a handful of the craft cocktails at Public Bar. I sat down next to my friend, observed an interesting pink colored cocktail with a sprig of Rosemary sticking out of it in front of her, and after a hellacious drive, I said “I’ll have what she’s having.” It was called the Strawberry Fields with Russian Standard, Strawberry, Rosemary, lime and Ginger beer. I ordered it sans Ginger beer. And this is how my afternoon with them began.

With cocktails.

After lunch, we walked along Hollywood Boulevard and I grinned as I recalled the last time I was on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with my sisters.

There is something about Hollywood that brings out the mischief in me. [you can tweet that]

So, when Stiletto suggested it was time I had my own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, I couldn’t argue.

I don’t know that one of those stars will ever be presented to me, but sometimes you have to do things for yourself.

In red lipstick.

And when the first attempt isn’t always the best.

The first Attempt at a Star...

You try, try again.

Ms. Cheevious on The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Ms. Cheevious by her Star


#MomFactor: Tell your kids this, and exemplify it for them: If at first you don’t succeed, TRY, TRY AGAIN. 

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