Okay Okay – Have a Slice of Big Apple Pie

Oh. My. Gawd. 

I have had this weird, creepy sickness for the last three weeks, and it is trying to eat away at me! 

I’m not kidding.

Well, okay. Not really.  But I sort of wish it were true. Then I’d be thinner, and we all know that losing weight is the bonus we get for being sick. But no dice.  I’ve not experienced anything similar, ever.  Well – maybe the time when I had mono-nucleosis and had to spit into tissues, because my throat closed up so tight that I couldn’t even swallow my own saliva.  Sad. 

But it’s been THAT long people!  That was like thirty years ago!  Helloooooo!

So, I finally got past all of the ailments that were bringing me down.  Finally. I think. (whew).

And now – drum roll – I am ready to dish on New York City like it should be dished upon (or on, or, er… you get the point).

But first a little segue (ha ha).  I have to beg you incessantly for something.  You see, these little “dishes” I post can take quite a bit of time.  Some are simpler than others to post, when I can easily write about something and just press that great little “publish” button.  But if I add photos or videos, it can be exceptionally time consuming.  The photos have to be doctored up to hide my peeps’ identity and all, and I must save them in a certain format.  It takes some serious strategic planning on my part.  I have to have my camera with me, and take pictures that can be used on the blog.  I feel like a quarter back in the NFL.  All those strategic moves for one purpose. Only I’m not paid as much.

But this is how a blog is done… at least in my world.

So, here’s what I would LOVE this week:  I’ll pick the topics from my little BIG APPLE SNAPSHOT post, and give you more details and photos. 

If you like it?  Then PLEASE post a comment. If you don’t like it?  Then PLEASE post a comment! 

Think of it this way: If you leave a comment, it’s sort of like a tip.  Think of my posts here as a perfectly crafted carmel machiato, or vanilla latte (or PUMPKIN for some of you holiday beverage drinkers).  You know how you go to the same coffee bar every morning, and order the same coffee beverage?  And, you know how you don’t leave a tip every single time, especially these days? (Oh, you know it’s true)  Things are tight.  So, every few times you get that coffee, you leave a dollar or more tip, even if your drink was only three or four bucks.  You do it to make up for the multiple times those barristas have served you, and you didn’t tip them. 

That’s what I’m talkin’ about.  My blog is your daily (or, well, weekly) coffee beverage, and I am that hard working barista!  Every few times you gotta leave a comment – er – tip.  Okay now? 

Now onto my NY details. FINALLY!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we met M.C.’s lovely friend Michael Rose, and his partner David Morgan for coffee… They were in town from London producing the play “A Steady Rain” – starring Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig.  They provided fabulous seats and party admittance to M.C. and moi.

As you know if you are not a newbie, we attended the play.  (Again – no – we were not in the audience where the cell phone went  off, and Hugh, staying in character and in Chicago accent, asked the person to answer the phone. Go here, to see it if you’d like). 

We loved it immensely and galivanted off to the party.  It was (insert double dots over the “u”) uber  fabulous – but I forgot to get pictures with Hugh and Daniel, or any  of the famous celebrities in attendance that night.  I’d even SPOKEN on the PHONE to my friend Maven (a regular poster here in Ms. Cheevious-land) and she gave me the idea to shoot pictures “from the hip” so I could score pics for you all to see, but not look like a star stalker. What can I say, people?  LAME-O.  But – I must say we had fun, regardless!

Below is a complete NYC gallery – including the stars that were around that night.  Everyone from Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts, Jerry Seinfeld, Matthew Broderick, Ellen Barkin and so many more!  Oh – and let’s not forget MY MAN, M.C. NUGGET!  HA! There are also pics of me and my peeps.  We got to spend some fun times with my girl G-Love and some of my gal pals from Aspen, as well as our friend Ricky and another friend of M.C.’s. 

**Not everyone from our trip made it into the gallery.. but they are in my heart 🙂 (oh my god, kill me now).
**Also – some pictures are just not that big – or clear.  You can click on each one to see them a little better, however. 

I think you all may know the rest – that I got horribly sick the rest of the trip – that I have continued to be sick off and on since I’ve been back (three weeks now) – and that despite my ailments it was a FANTASTIC trip.  And despite my coughing and sniffling and tummy aches, I have decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  Plus, I am so lucky to have a fun, handsome, sexy man like M.C. Nugget in my life.  Nuggie took good care of me. Even when he didn’t want to (hee hee).  Many great memories people. That’s what it’s all about.

I am sorry this took me sooooo long to get out to you.  I’ll be prompt and on time next week, when I dish about some of the other happenings in and around Hollywood! 

Have an eventful, fun and exciting weekend everyone! No matter what you end up doing!

Love you people!  Mmmmmmphhhuhhhhh!


Ms. Cheevious


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