What I Gave and Got… My True Hollywood Christmas Story


You thought this story would take place in Hollywood, didn’t you, my little celeb-u-files? Well… not so much. But WAIT! I do live in Los Angeles / Hollywood / Santa Monica (it’s all the same), and I did give my oldest son a gift on the Saturday before Christmas at a little place called Tender Greens (one of my fav’s), just  a stone’s throw from Sony Pictures Studio (where he works)!  Plus I SHIPPED a few gifts from Hollywood!  Does that count? Just because I was 30 miles north of Boston on Christmas eve and Christmas day, not all is lost you entertainment fiends… don’t you worry. Emcee Nugget (my boyfriend and partner in crime), the quintessential Hollywood celebrity, ham of all hams, and persona-mysteriosa was on hand throughout my trip to HOLLYWOOD-UP this story for us! So here’s the low down.  And I’m starting with what I GAVE, because, well — COME ON PEOPLE – I’m not THAT shallow.  Okay, maybe I am.  But the reason for the season should not be lost.  People celebrate Christmas – or I should say – there IS a Christmas, because a little tiny baby was born to bring peace and salvation to us all.  THANK GOD (no pun intended)… and we GIVE in celebration of that because we love, right? So here’s WHAT I GAVE because I LOVE:

1) a cool Banana Republic pea coat-style, HOT, black men’s overcoat to Emcee Nugget – because I LOVE the way he looks when he cleans up. (I’ve seen them NOW for like $60 bucks at Zappos)

2) a matching black scarf to go around that sexy neck of his, because hey – I LOVE that sexy neck. heh heh
3) a gas gift card with 50 bucks on it to Nuggie, because he drives us everywhere on our little escapades… and I do love a good ESCAPADE!

4) Money to both my boys, and to the younger one – a snowboarding sweater and shirt from his fave designer line, and a few other miscellaneous items..  The Money I gave because – well — I LOVE having money.  Who doesn’t? It is just (insert Captain Kirk voice here) so. very. useful. And the snowboarding gear – because I love that my younger son is a cool snowboarding STUD.

5) The biography of Sydney Portier – because I love his acting to my sons’ grandpa – because they love their grandpa, and so do I..

6) To my lovely sisters, Nuggie’s mama, and to Nuggie, because he’s watching those lines too… hee hee… A sample pack of my FAVORITE, INCREDIBLE face products…  By esente.  Of course, NOW it’s available for like, 40 bucks… BEAUTY FOR PEANUTS.  Gotta love THAT!!  But I LOVE smooth, silky skin, and these face products are the absolute best!

7) Well of course!  You didn’t think I would forget the COOKIES did you!?  Or the FUDGE!?  Or any other YUMMY treats!?  I gave these to EVERYONE – because I LOVE YUMMY TREATS!!

OOO!  Forgot about the cool little push button motorized hamsters I gave Nuggie.  He is always making fun of, laughing about, or cracking jokes about gerbels, hamsters, goats, lambs… you name it.  If they live in the wild, he’s probably made them the brunt of a joke at one time or another.  These were SO cute!  And, as toys do – there were categories of hamsters.  I happened to buy him one of the Rock Stars (his had a mohawk), and one of the Special Forces (his had a scar on it’s forehead like Harry Potter). I gotta say, those little stocking stuffers were a hit!  We played like little kids. HA HA.

So….  Wanna’ know WHAT I GOT?

1) TONS of love from both my boys – (not to mention the excessively cool wine chiller from Sharper Image) and Nuggie, his family and all of the really awesome people in my life – as well as some really great, warm memories, even though my kids and I were not all together on Christmas.  I don’t know why it is, but boys know how to reach their moms.  🙂

2) A very COOL handbag from Emcee Nugget… One that has a pocket for everything, so I no longer have to refer to any purse I am carrying as the ABYSS.  HA!

3) Very UBER cool VIDEO software from Emcee Nugget.  The product of which you will see in my next post..  all about the BLACK OUT we experienced in Santa Monica.  That one is SCARY!

4) A couple of REALLY AWESOME gift cards – one from Ricky and one from Nuggie’s folks – – awe… they are all just sooo sweet! Gotta keep the shopping queen shoppin’!

5) A total bling-y necklace from my friend Brook to keep me at the height of fashion.

And I just can’t remember the rest in this moment – plus, I gotta get this out to you… It’s already OLD news!  But I must say – it was a really great Christmas… all because of the LOVE people.

Tune in next week for a video blog, or as we techno-babes like to call it “vlog” about the Great Blackout of 2011.

It’ll knock your socks off!

Have a productive, healthy, fit and inspiring week you gorgeous freaks of nature.

Love you people!!!  Mmmppphhhhhhuuuuhhhh!!!


Ms. Cheevious


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