Dependence is Key

Just sayin.

I know everyone talks and is writing creatively about the importance of exerting our own “independence” – especially in regard to women, but I’m kinda tired.


I’ve been working so hard lately (no joke – like 6 am to 11 pm every night), I figure if you’ve got good people in your life you can depend on, it makes it all worth it.  The getting up, the emails, the running around, the worry.  Oy – the worry.  But with good people to depend on, my my, how sweet it is.  It brings to mind once again how life is not really so HARD, per se, but one great big adventure.  And no one said adventures would always be EASY.

So, on this Fourth of July be sure to tell those you depend on how happy you are they’re in your life.

THEN you can be independently happy you’ve got it so good.

Now, get out there and create your own fireworks, but be safe my lovely male and female adventurers! 

Stay tuned next week for Desperate Measures II – the first video installment in my light-hearted series about a serious subject: unemployment and economic hard times. 

Love you people!!! Mmmmmppphuuuuuuhhhhhhh!!!!


Ms. Cheevious


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