A-Musing in Los Angeles

Well HELLOOOOO all you lovely girlies and manly men! 

I missed you last week! I apologize.  I was exceptionally busy with work last week, and as much as my blog was on my mind, there wasn’t a SINGLE moment to spare to get a post out to you! 

But I have to say, it was probably a good thing I was working.  The way CNN and MSNBC and the whole lot of them are talking, I am the only one out there who is!   But hey – I’m here to help.  Just plop that big ole mess of an economy on my desk.  You, me and all my friends will spend as much time as it takes (since none of you have anything to do now) to figure it out and settle this thing once and for all.  Ha! We’d probably do a pretty damn good job of it too.

If you are new here, welcome!  I’m so happy to have you!  Please – enjoy your stay! 

So – since I feel compelled to keep the nation’s workforce of ONE busy working, I thought I’d try to do a quickie this week, so I can get back to my other job.  I decided I would jot down some of the things I’ve been musing about – as they have occurred to me recently.  As you’ll see, I didn’t do a great job of being quick or to the point.  But hey, it’s FUN.  So here you go:

1.  I think our President is the most natural, real guy who’s been in that office in a very long time. (This one is serious.  I observed it during his State of the Union Address).

2.  I am really TICKED OFF at the airlines.  Yep.  At the Delta curb just about a week ago while checking in, the sky cab said just their desk had made over a MILLION dollars in revenue in the previous month.  Do you know what that revenue was from boys and girls?  You know those BAGGAGE FEES the airlines instituted back in June because they couldn’t afford to pay for fuel – back when some of us were paying over $4.00/gallon?  Yep.  That’s right.  Just that ONE sky cab station earned over a MILLION buckaroos in baggage fees in ONE month!  Here I thought they’d be cancelling those fees now that gas is HALF the price it was back then.  HA.  I think we should organize a boycott. From now on, it’s Amtrak or Greyhound for all of us, kiddos.

3. Which brings me to my next musing:  Fred the Wonder Chicken said this half jokingly, when Captain “Sulley” from US Airways landed the plane safely in the Hudson river. I fear he was hauntingly accurate.  He said “Next, the airlines will be making money off the good pilots!  They’ll say, “Well, Captain Sulley is flying this particular flight.  We can sell you a seat, but it’ll cost ya.!””  He was RIGHT.  Just Tuesday (2/24/09), the airlines, in a bold move, brought Sulley in to testify before congress.  Those congress-people thought they were getting a pleasant visit from the flight crew of that US Airways flight.  I don’t know where the airlines get off, but they sent that heroic pilot in there to complain that they don’t have enough money to pay good pilots!! What kind of nonsense is THAT?  He said that the airlines can’t AFFORD  it.  He said that 3000 hours or more of flight time use to be required to get hired (way back when), and now they’ll take someone with 300 hours.  Okay people.  Am I missing something here?  Is it OUR fault they’ll hire pilots to fly their 500 million dollar planes who graduated from Joe’s School for Flight Training & Cosmetology (and Hot-Dog Stand) in Guthrie, Oklahoma?  GET a GRIP!  Does NO ONE out there know how to run a business, and make it WORK?  What the HECK is going on over there?  And the GALL of them turning around and charging us extra baggage fees on top of giving us SECOND RATE pilots!!  But hey, what about that prediction by FWC?  Be careful what you say, that’s all I’m sayin.

4. OH!  I almost forgot!  This one is probably the most important!  Especially to you girly romantic girls out there!  Fred the Wonder Chicken gave me DIAMONDS for Valentine’s Day!  Can you believe it?  Yep.  I know.  Took him long enough, right?  There were two of them.  Two BLACK DIAMONDS.  Yep.  While skiing Ajax (in Aspen, Colorado) over Valentine’s Weekend he accidentally led me to a ski run called something like T-1 or T-3 .  Isn’t that just so wonderful? He’s such a romantic.  The cascading cliffs with their jagged rocks, protruding out of the snow for me to see as I stumbled toward them.  The dense foliage and trees, with the beautiful giant white moguls in between.  And it wasn’t just beautiful for the eyes and mind to see, it was an incredible experience.  I can’t tell you how incredibly pristine it felt getting in there with nature, rubbing my ass down the side of the hill as the snow slowly crept up my back and down my pants, clinging to my skin, turning it a beautiful shade of blue.  But seriously – as hairy scary as it may have or could have been, we had a FANTASTIC time!  I laughed so much, at one point I wanted him to video tape it for all of you to see.  But, I got down to the bottom of the hill and decided to sit at the bar while FWC got in a few more runs.  Do you blame me?  The locals there said those runs are really DOUBLE Double Black Diamonds. So see?  FWC really DOES care!  He gave me FOUR big giant diamonds! hee hee!

5.  Okay – I’m a pretty good skier.  At least I think so.  Plus, I’m in pretty decent shape.  I work out five days a week, if at all possible.  I try to eat right.  But that trip was EXHAUSTING.  Was it the altitude, the fun and revelry every night, the skiing or the combination that made me want to sleep for three days after that trip?

I’m ready for some down time.  How about you?

Have an incredibly beautiful weekend everyone!

Love you people!  Mmmmmmmphhhhuuuuhhhh!


Ms. Cheevious


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