Out in the Desert

This photo taken outside of Moab, UT reflects how I feel about life – especially now –
Life is a journey… and you never know what’s coming around the corner.


It’s been a challenging month or so…  I am spending some time in the desert during the Aspen off-season.  It’s a way to prolong summer just a bit, since the summers are so short in the Mountains.

It’s beautiful here, but I’m challenged.  Not by locale, but by working conditions.  It’s the main reason I’ve been away for so long!

In the last month and a half, my website servers crashed, my computer got a virus that sent out emails from my address, thus black-listing me from umpteen mail domains – like AOL, YAHOO, you name it.  I’ve spent the last six weeks explaining why I am not spamming people. Then I backed up everything I thought I needed from my computer, and wiped out my hard drive.  I started from scratch again, and uploaded all the software I needed, to make a new beginning!  THEN – the modem at my house in Moab, Utah crashed.  So, for the last few days I’ve been working from an internet cafe.  Working from home has its benefits, but some days I just wish the “Internet Tech” guy would come to my cubicle and make everything all better.  Ahhh.. some days corporate life seems almost appealing.  Almost.

Then – to make matters worse, I’ve been working on a blog post for far too long.  This was going to be really great, with funny video clips of the beauty of the desert – hiking, silliness, etc…  I took some great footage, and have since LOST my camera!  I cannot find it anywhere!  It has disappeared!

Sorry for my absence folks.  It’s been a tough run!  I’ll write again soon – once I get my head out of the sand!

xoxo – Ms. Cheevious

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