Holiday Fever!

It’s the Holidays kiddies, and I’ve got Holiday Fever! 

It’s sad, really.  Not because I have the fever, but because I only get like this around the holidays.  Nothing else gets me going like this.

Any other time of year, if I am busy at work, that’s what I do, and then I collapse in front of the television or curl up to read a good article or book in order to recuperate.  Not so during the holidays. 

I can be on my way to the airport, scrambling to catch a flight, and somehow manage to work a run to the drug store in (to shop for that perfect item that will finish off the perfect gift).  And it doesn’t frazzle me one bit.

It’s like I have this extra dose of adrenaline or something.  Perhaps I should call it Holiday Adrenaline. 

Here’s a little peek into my world over the next two days: 

Today:  Crazy busy with work. Somehow have to manage a run to the hardware store, and wrap some presents. Oh, and I want to go and do the “stairs” in Santa Monica, since I didn’t do pilates this morning.

Tonight – Hellooooo – it’s Thursday.  And it’s Thursday Night Football.  And the Saints are playing.  And they happen to be Fred the Wonder Chicken’s favorite team.  So, you know where I’ll be —  here at home, watching football – uh huh!  Eating Turkey Tacos!  YUMMM

Tomorrow – costco run, more work, Pilates at noon, hair appointment at 3PM, then a meeting with the guy who’s providing all the alcohol for my holiday party on Saturday!

Saturday – errands, decorating and set up for my holiday cocktail party.

Saturday night – PAR-TAY!!!

So, there you have it.  I won’t be surprised if I manage to add a few dozen other items to that list!  It’s pure mayhem I tell ya.  Or as FWC might argue, it’s a melee.

Well anyway – I just wanted to check in with you all, because one thing I am NOT able to do when I’m spinning a thousand plates, is muster up the creativity to write a proper blog!  At least not this week! 

But tune in NEXT week when I promise to serve up a fantastic Holiday DISH.

Have a wonderful, eventful weekend everyone!

Love you people!  Mmmmmphhhhuuuuhhhhh!!!!


Ms. Cheevious

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